Flash animation: Bush finds biological weapons

Spanish Flash animation [URL DELETED - See below.] The war finishes and Tony Blair asks Bush where are the WMD. Bush searches for them and finds them in China (SARS). Blair dies of embarrassment and Aznar continues to be the usual puppet-idiot.

I don’t see much wrong with the video, except Blair dies of embarrassment.

He is most certainly incapable of dying from embarassment. If he were, he would be a corpse twice over by now. :slight_smile:
Unless he doesn’t read the newspapers. I guess that could be it. :rolleyes:

For lack of anything to say about the flash toon, here’s a quick-and-dirty photoshop doodle based on a pic that was in today’s Globe & Mail.

Apologies for obviousness.

There’s a video clip making the rounds but I can’t find it right now. The video part is just footage of Aznar and of Bush at press conferences and the speed has been adjusted so that their mouths look like they are singing the song “Feelings” to each other. Pretty funny, I wish I could find it.


The load page for that animimation contains an animated clip of a woman with bare breast having sex.


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And I saw one where a woman is sucking somebody’s dick.

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