The truth about Bush and Blair!

And it’s pretty much what it looked like.

Sorry, it’s a video. About 4 mgs.

Lemme guess. Just by looking at the file name, they’re both secretly gay and the whole wife and kids thing is a political cover, right?

My God Stoid, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

Thanks for the link! That thing is incredibly well done. I’m still giggling.

They’re a TV program, looks like. Still darn good.

Heheheh, that’s pretty damn funny. Very good editing.

Stoid, gratuitously bashing Bush? Say it ain’t so!

It’s also spam.

how is it spam?

Been there done that

…and of course my previous thread links to a now defunct url.

Oy :smack:

Wah wah wah. Is someone being mean to Mr. Bush for no good reason?

I know. Geez, Coldfire is so touchy when it comes to people criticizing Bush. Must be that famous Dutch conservative streak.

Hell, you may bash Bush all you want, if you can come up with a good reason. And there’s plenty of them. He’s certainly not my favourite President-of-a-foreign-nation.

But if it appears that bashing Bush is all you do, then yeah, I reserve the right to speak up about it. This could have been placed in MPSIMS as a humourous thread, but it’s in the Pit. So I’m assuming it’s criticism, or maybe the OP was just being cautious?

Maybe it’s because all the cool kids hang out here. :wink:

And of course a special thank you to Stoid for approving the use of homosexuality to insult people she doesn’t like. :rolleyes: All that video accomplishes is to say, “Haw, haw, Bush and Blair are fags. See, they’re singing ‘Endless Love’ to each other.” Yeah, I’m really impressed by your liberal bona fides now.

Actually, let’s change that smiley to :mad:.

Guys, get a life. That video was simply a funny satire playing off a close relationship. It’s HUMOR. And really well done humor at that.

And you all know that I am a big supporter of President Bush. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to laugh.

Mr.Bush looks like a confused muppet

Is this download really worth it?

Figures , as soon as my mouth opens , everyone gets quiet.