Flash audio players?

Are there any Macromedia Flash applets/programs that can play back audio files along with a realtime waveform display? Or how about one that allows rewinding/fast-forwarding with the high-pitched sound that you’d hear if you rewound a tape in a tape player?

If you want to know why: I’m trying to make a website that will have a bunch of sound files (recorded lectures), and I want to let people both download them and stream them as easily as possible. Currently, I’m using HTML links to .mp3 files and .m3u playlists, but I’m looking for a more elegant approach. The main issue right now is that these are 1-hour lectures and it’s difficult to navigate through them using the scrollbar/slider controls that most media players have. Even the slighest click will jump you back a few minutes, which is way too much if you just want to repeat the last word or sentence.

Any advice would be welcome.