Flash Game: Black Knight


The premise is simple. Get your knight chess piece to land perfectly on the star. However, as is knights are programmed to do so, you can only move in their usual L-shaped pattern. Along the way you’ll have to fight off other chess pieces out to get you as well. Have fun. :slight_smile:

I can’t figure out 15. The bishop is protecting every spot you can attack the king from.

If you move in front of him, he’ll slide forward and you can kill him. I haven’t figured out what the exact triggers that make the pieces move forward are. (Except the pawns, which they tell you right out.)

I just beat it, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to force a move, other than it works in some directions and not in others. I think I scored about 1453. It reminds me a lot of that game Blox or Bloxors, where you have to flip the piece on end or on its side. It essentially moves the same way a knight does; you have to back it out into a bigger space to turn it around in order to have the right “angle of attack”.

I can’t make it play at all. Anyone care to walk me through the initial steps?

What specific problem are you having, Oslo? Click on the squares indicated by a red arrow to move to them.

I was severely annoyed when I discovered you can’t jump over opposing pieces. I expect a knight in a game to behave like the chess piece.

There are similar knight’s tour mazes (but without opposing pieces) at Clickmazes here.

I got 972.

The last level is a bitch. You just have to move around a bunch and hope that the random computer will be stupid faster than you get trapped.

I got 872. Like iamthewalrus(:3=, I found the last level to be a pain, since the random movement often traps you through no fault of your own.