Flash game - Desktop Tower Defence.

This flash game was featured in a computer magazine.

It’s pretty good. I usually get bored with even the cleverest flash games after a minute, but this one kept me going for a while.


I am doing the 100 challenge on this and I cant get past level 64.Any hints?

I struglled with an addiction to that game for some time. When I saw that it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I was at work on a Saturday playing, having already finished work some hours before, I realized I had a problem.

(I bought a lap top)

Thread was in this forum when I found it.

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I made a group name for Dopers, it’s Dopers BTW if anyone wants to submit scores.

Damn addicting games, even my kids want to watch, and they don’t like yippee anymore either…

The first “group” level on Hard kills me every time. If I survive that level, I don’t survive long afterwards.

I’ve tried saving for the group killer towers for the first two levels, but they hardly help, and I end up having taken so much damage before the group level that I actually die more quickly.

Any tips?

What I do is build diagonal walls of the cheapest tower starting at each entrance and exit, positioned such that at the end of each wall, perpindicular to it, there’s another wall the baddies have to go around. This seems like the best way to make them spend a lot of time under fire. Its my best approach so far. But as I said, the first group baddies kill me pretty bad.



If after you die, it’ll ask you to type in your name, then it’ll ask about a group name. I just made one for Dopers.

Does that make sense?

That sound the missle launcher makes really creeps me out.

I see you guys haven’t played Warcraft 3. There are some versions of it online there that are really really fun. This one’s fun too, but I like the WC3 ones better.

Oh yea. I’ve been totally addicted to this version for a long time now.

Usually we’d kill a zombie thread, but since the poor OP went months without a reply, I’ll move this over to the Game Room.

heh, never even checked the date. I hope the lob is over this by now.

It sorta bothered me recently when a gaming podcast started referring to ‘Desktop Tower Defense games,’ as though DTD were the first.

There are LOTS of Tower Defense games! And as Autolycus mentioned, they started with the modding tools in Starcraft and Warcraft III.

I still like recommending Protector, which is sortof Tower Defense meets the ‘quest’ part of Puzzle Quest.

To do the 100 you have to “juggle” this involves making a winding maze that has two endings. You block one and when all the creeps are at the other end, you sell that tower and place one at the other side so that they have to go back the other way. I can get to around 90ish, but you have to be pretty tidy on keeping the creeps grouped up and I don’t find it worth the time. I end up trying to do medium or hard with restrictions like only using one kind of tower.

So addicting! I got to level 39, and I laughed when one level’s name was akin to, “HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!”
Combo Towers were extremely useful once they were unlocked, but even they couldn’t handle the later levels eventually.

That sounds similar to what I do, I create a spiraling path from each doorway so that creeps take the longest, most painful route possible to their exits and usually work it so that creeps from one doorway are also routed into the routes of other doorways so that each weapon gets multiple passes - more bang for my digital buck!.

I also fill the centre part up with air-only defenses and the other, big, expensive ones. I usually find I get the farthest by putting just enough of the cheapest tower on the map at the beginning of the game to get rid of the first level or two, then only spending to upgrade them now and again -by the time they can’t handle it I’ve usually saved up and placed some better stuff - I can then use the ease with which the pricey weapons destroy the early levels to start adding more buildings pretty quickly.

However, I still can’t complete the damn game. There must be a better way!

Two odd tricks: you can sell a defense, then build it back. The creeps will go to a hole in your defense if it’s a fast way though, so sometimes you can get them to wander back and forth if you’re quick.

Other thing: how do I damage dark creeps? They just seem to wander through immune to everything.

I think their damage is reduced by a certain amount automatically, so that they are only damaged by upgraded towers. You can one-shot them with a fully upgraded version of the cheapest tower.


On medium, I’ve gotten to (but not beaten) level 50 (I think it was–it was the last level).

On hard, though, I can only get to 14 if I’m very lucky.

How are others doing?