FlashForward 11/12/09

Anyone still watching?

Was this episode set 2 months after last weeks episode?

I just watched the last two episodes on DVR last night. Good times. I didn’t notice the jump in time but I wasn’t really paying that close of attention. I figure with the Simcoe kid still being in the hospital and the apparently current news coverage of Al’s suicide seem to imply that the timeline picks up close to the end of the last episode.

The uncertainty about the determinist nature of things is very interesting, I’m hoping against hope that they don’t tie themselves into too many knots. I’m very interested to see what the deal is with Demetri’s fiance’s flashforward and if she’s lying or misinterpreting it or something and how that reflects on his lack of a vision. The Jericho guys seem to be the same guys as those with the stars on their arms. I though it was a little stupid that Mark and none of the FBI guys took a moment to consider if the star tattoo was a fraternal/military thing. It was the immediate thing that popped into my mind when I saw it, and when they killed the guy I didn’t think for a second that it was the right guy.

I wonder why they have basically ignored the sat photos of that giant structure in the desert and the crows dying. Obviously that will quickly lead them to the Jericho folks. Another silly thing is that it’s kinda dumb that Aaron was unable to deduce that in his flashforward he’s paying a bribe/ransom what with the “account has been verified” and the obvious cliche money envelope. Hopefully he’s not that clueless and he’s just being coy for the sake of his daughter.

And for the record, DAMN the babysitter Nicole is sexy as hell.

Amen to that…

As far as the time frame of the episode, you are absolutely right, I think I misunderstood.

So I guess the lesbian FBI agent takes 5 shots from a 9mm to the chest and belly and is back at work days later, no harm no foul:dubious:

I’ve been wondering the same thing, too. Besides, if it was the scientists’ experiment that caused the flash, does that mean that back then, it was a smaller version of the same experiment? Wouldn’t that mean that they should have known that everybody was going to black out?

I was also a little surprised that hobbit physicist just took the other one’s (damn, I’m crap with names!) admission of cheating in stride – I think to say, ‘well, obviously our agreement is null and void, then’ would have been the only reasonable reaction.

There’s definitely been some lag in between the episodes. I just don’t think it happened much between the last 2. The Simcoe kid healed a bunch in between a couple episodes and I think Demetri’s fiance has been home for a lot longer than a couple days. They haven’t been putting a lot of emphasis on it and perhaps it’s just easier to pretend that scenes in an episode aren’t happening concurrently. If there was a big gap in the timeline between any episodes it wasn’t between the last 2, but between the one before that.

After doing some Googling I found this timeline that pretty much confirms she healed in like 3 days. Bad TV writers, shame on you!

Well, I don’t remember Simcoe or Simon ever implying that the deaths were an accident or in any way unexpected. Perhaps that 20M died was a bit of a shock since maybe they figured a small fraction of that would be in airplanes and whatnot and perhaps only a couple million would suffer.

Or maybe the Jericho people kept the results of the test secret from the scientists since it could have been planned, designed and triggered remotely. Perhaps the scientists are pawns as much as anyone here, and considering the Jericho who delivered the rings gets shot perhaps they are pawns to a greater scheme too. This of course assumes that the 3 star guys and Jericho are the same.

Well, they didn’t exactly show him agreeing to it. The episode pretty much ends there and leaves Simon hanging. Doesn’t really matter though since Simon never actually agrees to do anything. The agreement was that Simcoe would keep quiet if he lost, Simon didn’t really commit to anything if he lost. Presumably Simcoe can confess and Simon will just play ignorant and pretend Lloyd’s a nutter regardless of the bet. I don’t remember him promising to support and corroborate anything if he lost.

I was about to give up on the show, and then they went and added Ricky Jay to the cast. I guess I’m in for the long haul now.

Anyone think that naming the private military contractor organization “Jericho” was a shout out to the departed series Jericho, which also had its private military contractor organization bad guys?

I should have gone back to check, but I’m pretty sure that the shooter on whom they saw the tattoo was the big bald guy, not the guy they killed (he was holding the case they took from the guy). Which makes it even stupider.

The thought crossed my mind.

So, do those rings prevent blacking out during an event?

No major complaints from me; I just breeze through the episodes with minimal thought. One line that struck me funny, though, was when Dominic Monaghan claimed godhood because they killed 20 million people. No disrespect to those 20 million people, but bending time is a much more impressive entry in a god resume.

Were we convinced that Simon and his poker playing under caused the actual flash forward? … Are we convinced that the two are connected?
I don’t know about this show, It seems to me, and other people have said this, in their own ways, that they can only go so far, before they dig too deep. And from what I hear on ratings, they need to put the shovel down for a week.

Anyone know if this show will make it 2 seasons? [What they will cover in Season 2 is something else altogether, it DID work for Prison Break*…]

  • I have gone on record to state that Prison Break Season 1 was one of the best seasons of TV I have ever seen. I had doubts on Season 2, but it was Icing on the Cake. Season 3 on the other hand, I stopped watching. But, yeah, Prison Break had an A++ first season, and a better than solid run on the second.