FlashForward---Anyone Still Watching?

The first new episode in a couple of months aired tonight—Though overall the show is quite uneven, (even for a sci-fi series there is a lot of pretty unbelievable stuff thrown in) I am mostly enjoying it, and as this is one the first sci-fi shows I have ever really watched, I suppose am in for the long haul…

Nope. I started with it, but lost interest when the shows following the pilot were not nearly as interesting.

I gave up on it after 5 or so episodes. It had potential but lost its way somewhere.

I put it on the DVR. I’ll watch it sometime over the weekend.

It’s back?


Agreed the idea seemed good at the time, but, yeah, kinda lost something trying to obtain it’s premise.

Yep. Aside from a few minor things, I’ve thought the premise and follow up have been brilliant. And the return from hiatus featured two really entertaining episodes which answered a surprising number of the mysteries. I hope it does well and gets renewed!

I wasn’t impressed after the first few episodes, but the premise and outstanding mysteries had me curious enough to stick with it.

I thought the 2-hour episode last night was very good, though. People were acting with reasonable intelligence, there were some nice twists and reveals. I hope it keeps up that level of quality the rest of the season.

It’s on the Tivo,
I’ll watch it this weekend.

Yeah, our interest petered out sometime around episode 5 or so.

By chance, I watched it last night. Well, I had it on in the background while I was doing some other stuff. All I really noticed was that they had Penny, Charlie and someone who wasn’t, but who looked an awful lot like Richard in it. I thought I was watching a weird episode of Lost.

Last night’s two hours was good. Hope they keep it up.

Yeah, last night was good – lots of secrets revealed, which is always nice for keeping things interesting. Loved how Simon got the inspiration for his flashforward, and how Agent Hawk kept getting the jump on him.

That mid-season hiatus is death to borderline shows for me. The impetus if they’d kept going all season might keep me interested; coming back after a break takes more effort than I’m willing to make (especially if they change the time or day).

I love the premise, but the execution was lacking. I watched the two hour return and it was a big improvement. My understanding is that they have switched showrunners. I will watch the rest of the season at least.

I’m in the UK and watched all the episodes shown so far. Although there was enough of interest to keep me going week to week, particularly the good cast, I didn’t get that invested. There’s been heavy advertising for the latest double episode being shown here on Monday so I guess I’ll watch but if it doesn’t really grab me I’m done.

I’ve got all the episodes saved but I’ve delayed watching them until I read the book. I’ve got it reserved at the library but the jerk who has it out just renewed it :frowning:

Can anybody comment on how the series compares to the book? Is the book worth reading? I kinda run hot and cold with Robert J. Sawyer so I wouldn’t mind getting some other people’s opinions.

Nah, I don’t like the Lost type super mystery deals. First few episodes weren’t too bad but I figured I’d never get any of the answers I wanted.

Well they were kind of bad. Just barely good enough to kill some time watching.

The pilot was fantastic, but the whole thing started moving really slowly afterwords. The new episode moved the whole thing forward really well, I’m in for the long haul.

Yeah, this episode(s) really brought it back online. After the big gap (and the horrible, fantastically boring recap on before Lost this week) I wasn’t sure they were going to make it worth watching. Looks like they did, though. So, I’m in it through the season, at least.


I agree. I’ve been worried that this show is going to become another Heroes–starting out really interesting but then becoming a boring soap opera. But the two-hour return episode was pretty good. Sounds like the ratings for this show aren’t that great, though, so those of us “in for the long haul” may not have far to go. :frowning: