FlashForward 5/6/10

Wow, can the writers actually be trying to cram as many absolutely ludicrous elements into this show as humanly possible, perhaps as some sort of meta-joke on the few remaining viewers?

I couldn’t count the number of instances (plotwise, some were big and some were small) that were absolutely unbeliveable tonight, and I am afraid that the only real reason that I am still watching is to see just how bad this thing will crash at the end…

I hope to not offend true fans of the show with my post—FlashForward is about the first sci-fi or cop drama that I have watched ever since the series pilot, (and actually it’s just about the only sci-fi show I have ever watched at all, period) so maybe all of the small details that dont ring true (putting it mildly) are simply par for the genre.

I also want to say the actual sci-fi (woo woo?) elements are NOT what take me out of the show. What kills me is that I am more than willing to suspend disbelief for the “out there” stuff, and yet cannot ignore the many small details that are SO out of touch with how real people would act and react (one small example—the FBI freely gives full, unsupervised access to its most important project in history to two foreign nationals, simply allowing them to hang around the office with no official oversight??? :rolleyes:) that it is incredible to me that the actors would agree to shoot this script as written.

I gave this show a million chances to tighten up its game and write a plot that was even semi-credible, and while I will be watching to the bitter end, it is now mostly to shake my head at the myriad of things that have made what started as a promising idea into a source of disappointment.

as long as this show airs at the same time as Survivor, it’ll only get the scraps viewing time from me. i.e. I’ll watch it online if i feel like it, make sure to note that the word is IF not when. Community is also on at the same time and that is more important to watch online than Flash Forward.

First, I note with interest that this thread has two posts after a week, and the Lost thread from two days ago is approaching 200.

I have watched every episode of FF and find that the writers realized that a plot focused on the flash forward itself did not seem to be sufficiently complex and spellbinding so they added a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really drive the story forward but attempts to add intrigue. The whole mole/double-double agent thing, in particular. And just when we were focused on 4/29 they suddenly come up with a date in 2016?

Does this show have a definite life span?

I’m still watching, which requires a fair bit of effort seeing how it conflicts with both Survivor and Parks and Recreation, and I can only record two shows at a time.

I’ve given up an expectation of rationality – sort of like Prison Break. I just go with it, and find it has some amusing moments. Particularly, right now I’m enjoying Gauis Baltar. Or, you know, whatever his name is on the show.

Eh, I’m fairly enjoying it. Sure, some of it could be done better, but at least things actually progress episode-to-episode, unlike some shows that could be mentioned. coughLostcough

I’m actually enjoying this show, plot and reason be damned. I still find the day-by-day worldwide crow counting program to be the most amazing piece of software ever designed by man.
That said, they really screwed up that whole [del]single, double[/del] triple agent thing. For 80% of the season, we had no reason to believe she was even a double agent because they never really dropped any hints to that effect. Then at the end of an episode, they let loose with the fact that she’s a double agent, ignore it for one full episode, and then barely play with that concept in the next one before saying “just kidding! She’s really a good guy!”
It’s like the writers thought they were faking us out, but truth be told we really didn’t have any time to believe she was evil before they came clean. It was a wasted opportunity.

Still, I’m disappointed it got cancelled. I think they officially announced that yesterday.

Yeah, hopefully it has a satisfactory resolution.

Although they may have planned all that from the beginning, my sense is that whole triple-agent plot device was a massive shark-jumping.