FlashForward 1x4 "Black Swan" 10/15/09

FlashForward 1x4 “Black Swan” 10/15/09

Open spoilers after it airs.

Synopsis below:

Olivia struggles to accept Bryce’s suggestion that a patient’s flashforward holds the key to a correct diagnosis and treatment. Meanwhile, Demetri accuses Mark of waiting for the future he saw in his flashforward to come true without incident, while Mark feels Demetri is letting his fear of what he witnessed envelop his life; and Nicole returns to work as Mark and Olivia’s daughter’s babysitter, and discloses her shocking future vision – involving a murder.

Glad to see ABC has picked up this show for a full season. shwew!

Now I can watch with relief knowing at least the questions they set up for this season will be aired. Thank you ABC for allowing it to try and gain some momentum. I hope the ratings will start climbing again.

Last week’s episode had some huge holes in it, but the previous shows were pretty strong. For now, I’ll give the show some leeway, as it might depend on who’s writing that particular episode. Maybe they’ll tighten up the writing as the show progresses.

I look forward to tonight!

I have watched the first three episodes and have been pretty caught up in this show so far, but tonight I will be going out and will miss it…

Does anyone know if ABC will rebroadcast FlashForward on friday night as they have done with the previous three installments?

Thanks, Matthew

Aren’t the shows available on ABC’s website, or even Hulu.com the next day?

OK, for whatever reason the behavior of the main characters in this ep came off less annoying than previously, despite all the yelling they seemed to be doing, and I’m finally realizing that no matter what, a major ongoing theme is going to be that they (f’r example Asian FBI guy and Dr. Mom) are screwing up people’s lives big time through their attempts to second-guess or negate whatever’s going on with their flashforwards. The story still seems to be using quite a lot of deus ex machina to ensure that no one actually succeeds in throwing anything off the event sequence, though.

For not-entirely-relevant-to-the-story entertainment, I very much enjoyed the opening slow-mo sequence (Bjork! Brilliant!) and the foot chase through the trailer park, with the FBI dudes managing to smash into or trip over every obstacle in the joint.

Not too sure what to think about the twist right at the end. Coincidenzia that…

…the hospitalized kid’s father happens to be in contact with the FBI agent’s wife…

…or ‘complexity for the sake of complexity’ scriptwriting?

I agree, another great opening sequence. The best one so far — I love matching the macabre to something whimsical.

The focus on Dr. Mom was half interesting, and half contrived. The show’s kind of beating us over the head with the whole 'I don’t want to believe it because future bad!" and “I believe the future because future good!” thing. We get it already. Hopefully the characters can finally accept it and move on with the story.

Now, since Agent Dead Guy knows he’ll be murdered on March 15th, why wouldn’t he keep his whereabouts a secret (even to his fiancé) and lock his ass in a secret bunker for the whole day, or three, just to be safe?

Also, nice to see ‘Charlie’ back on ABC.

Anyone else notice that when creepy dad was going in autistic boy’s room, there was a stuffed animal on his dresser wearing boxing gloves? And what animal is normally associated with boxing? Kangaroos!

What really struck me as odd about the boxing kangaroo was the joey in the pouch. Boxing with baby on board doesn’t seem like a good idea.


Was I just imagining things, or did the person drowning Nicole in her vision kinda favor the priest she recently talked with regarding the vision?

That’s exactly what I though when we were show her full flash forward. It looked like the priest’s face and and a priest collar.

I’m not sure if this FF is a good series or not. First, Harold from the Harold and Kumar pictures is hard to believe as an FBI agent. And as stupid as this sounds, the Dr. Benford has a strange looking face. It bugs me for some reason. When I start noticing details like that, it’s probably because the story is weak.

If it’s true, he’s not going to be a very nice “Episco-pal.”

It wasn’t set up to look this way, but could it have been a full dunking baptism that she is mistaking for a drowning? She said she wasn’t much of a churchgoer, but now wants to help out. Maybe in 6 months, what really happens is she decided she wanted baptised, but, since she doesn’t have the full context of the the events leading up to the 137 seconds, she’s mistaking it for what her first thought would be.

I doubt it. If so, that was one hell of a deep baptismal. Also, the struggling and her floating down to the bottom like a rag doll.

Most baptisms are done by laying the person backwards into the water, and the preacher is in the tank with them. I’ve never really seen the ‘Neck Strangle’ technique. :wink:

Also, it seems not only do they see the events, they also feel what they’re feeling at the time. She said she felt guilty and that she deserved the drowning.

My bet is in the priest too. He was acting a little strange with her, like a cat who ate the canary, in hindsight. Turning down the volunteer offer, not counseling her after she told him about her FF, and then giving her a cheesy teeshirt? He probably recognized her from his FF and her story just corroborated it.

This likely unrelated, but it struck me: one of the cards on the “Mosaic” bulletin board that FBI guy traces along to in the recap part of the opener (awkward sentence, oh well) reads “Mosaic” – which we now know is the name of the project – and “Blue Hands.”

This week’s “Castle” episode had the lead at one point wearing blue gloves and flashing a double 2 sign, a deliberate in joke for fans of Firefly, during which the crazy girl chants “Two by two, hands of blue.”

So…what’s with the blue hands popping up all over?

I am still on the fence about this show as well…
I can go with the initial woo-woo premise, but there are a lot of things about the various characters that is pretty ludicrous.

Hott Blonde Terrorist is one min. telling her FBI interrogators that she has done nothing wrong, and they have to let her go, and then in her next scene, she sasshoots them by telling them that she is good buddies with suicide bombers and assorted revolutionaries around the world :rolleyes:

I think its fairly entertaining, but way too sloppy to be fully engrossing…

Am I nuts, or was the guy Simon, on the phone with Jack Davenport (autistic kid’s dad and possible future lover of FBI guy’s wife) at the very end when he dropped the bomb about Davenport being co-responsible for the worst disaster in history

wasn’t that Dominic Monaghan, i.e. Meriadoc? I gather he was also on Lost, but I never watched that.

You may be nuts, but you also are are not wrong.

Interestingly, Charlie’s last day on Lost (not counting Hurley’s hallucination) was immediately after talking to Penny Widmore/Sonya Walger, aka Dr Benford.

This show is okay; not as compelling as Lost, but worth a look. I work late on Thursdays, so I’ve seen it only on abc.com, which is cool.

Did you notice that the episode is called “Black Swan” and that the shoebox the priest took out of his desk that he claimed contained crickets had “Black Swan” written on it in a Sharpie? And why does a priest keep a shoebox of crickets in his desk?

Also, don’t you think the autistic kid’s father is the same guy who was the only guy still conscious in the stadium?

But it couldn’t have been all that surprising. American TV show, English actor - must be a bad guy.

btw, for those that don’t know, Jack Davenport is one of the main characters in Coupling, which airs frequently on BBC America and is one of the funniest comedies ever made.

He was also in Pirates of the Caribbean. Speaking from a straight female’s standpoint, he’s rather yummy (Davenport, that is).

I felt it was the guy he was talking to on the phone. I also suspect there was more than one person conscious during the black out.

I’m fairly certain that autism dad is going to be the classic reluctant criminal. As in he was forced to do whatever deeds by some unseen nefarious people who have something over him.
But that’s just pure speculation.