Flat Screen Radio

I am staying at a hotel with a flat screen TV. I turned it on to watch a bball game was I was unpacking, plugging in the lap top etc. There was a power bar under a desk which I accidentally switched off. The TV must have been plugged into it, because it went off as soon as I toggled the switch on the power bar. I turned it back on, and then turned the TV on. Since then, the sound is fine, but no picture.

Is this something flat screens do? Does it just need some down time to “rest”, is it broken?

We don’t have a flat screen at my home, so I’m not very used to them.

Have you tried the power button on the front of the TV?

I bet it’s an LG product.

Some of the commercial sets that went into hotels had a problem with intermittant backlight failure. Try cycling the set on/off a few times.