flavor free, beeswax free lip balm

Are there any companies that make lip balms that are unflavored, unscented and not made with beeswax? Preferably in stick form, but the kind that comes in tins would be okay.


Maybe some of these would work? Some of them are flavored, but there are also some unflavored ones listed there, though I’m not sure they are exactly what you’re looking for. There are a lot of beeswax free lip balms to be found (search for “vegal lip balms”), but unfortunately not a lot of unflavored & unscented ones.

Here is a recipe for beeswax free lip balm, if you can’t find anything else. It calls for essential oils for flavor, but only a few drops so I’m sure you could just leave those out.

Thanks. I’m trying to find a balm that doesn’t cause a rash. I’ve had issues with burts bees balm, and chapstick naturals, (no flavor, or color but made with beeswax) and regular chapstick and a few others. At this point, I’m trying to eliminate what could be problem ingredients, and see if that works. Since beeswax isn’t in regular chapstick, I guess that’s not the problem though.

Regular chapstick does list “waxes” as an ingredient, though. Could that include beeswax?

Well, browsing around on the Chapstick website, I see that Chapstick Lip Moisturizer specifies carnauba and white wax, but not beeswax. However, it contains fragrance.

Vaseline Lip Therapy similarly contains no beeswax, but does have cherry fragrance. Are you specifically allergic to fragrance, or you just don’t like the way it smells?

Interestingly, even lip balm billing itself as Hypoallergenic and “100% vegetarian” still contains beeswax. Perhaps the beeswax isn’t the problem? All types of Chapstick contain a whole witches brew of other chemicals besides beeswax, so maybe it’s one of those that you’re sensitive to.

I found a small tub of petroleum jelly works wonders. I have horrid chapped lips, and every lip balm out there just made it worse and worse for years (I have since found happiness with Burt’s Bees, but that’s me.) But a thin layer of just petroleum jelly (applied after moistening my lips with water, when it was easily available) worked very well, and it’s rare that anyone has a sensitivity to that.

Booda Organics makes a naked lip balm that I love. It’s unflavored and has a very light fragrance and no beeswax.

They also make a little tub of unscented, straight up petrolatum that seems to be thicker than the average Vaseline in the big tub. Supposedly it has fragrance, but I’ll be damned if I can smell anything.


I know this is a zombie thread, but petroleum jelly is REALLY great.

It’s tasteless. It’s not sticky. It lasts longer (overnight) than other lip balms. It costs about 1/50 the price of “Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1”, which is 90.3% petroleum jelly.