Flavored Toothpaste for adults

Crest now has whitening expressions toothpaste. Isn’t it about time that they made toothpaste in flavors other than mint without marketing it for children? Or am I using kids’ toothpaste? :confused:

I got the citrus one. It’s interesting. Not bad, just different. After 23 years of minty toothpaste, orange seems wrong somehow.

If you want other flavored toothpaste, Rembrandt has a raspberry leaf and mint flavor that is decent. Also, Toms of Maine has a lot of interesting flavors, like fennel, anise, gingermint, apricot and I think I saw strawberry at the store, although I don’t see it on the website.

Watch out for that cinnamon shit from Tom’s. Burned the corners of my mouth raw.

The Fennel from Tom’s of Maine is decent, but I can’t find it here so I do with their peppermint flavor.

I like their stuff because it seems much less sweet than others that I’ve tried - if I use Crest now, it tastes like I’m brushing my teeth with sugar.