Flinching From The Barber's Shears

The same lady’s been cutting my hair for going on two years now, (I consider myself lucky to have found her! ) and today she asked me a strange question.

“Bill,” she asked, “I haven’t said anything till now, but did you ever have a bad experience with a barber at a younger age? I ask, because every time I come near your ears, or eyebrows with the scissors, I feel you shiver just a little.”

It took me aback, because I hadn’t even realized I was doing it! And I couldn’t answer her question honestly, because I don’t remember such an event, though there might have been when I was just a tiny little bell-ringer ;). I did assure her, however, that I trusted her completely and for her not to take it personally.

So do any of the rest of you have this or am I an isolated case? I don’t see myself going to a shrink for … what would one call such a phobia? Tonsophobia? :slight_smile:


It took me about 20 years to stop flinching from the electric shears. I got nicked on the ear when I was a kid and it bled quite a bit.

Another sign I’ve been here too long - I read this as “Felching from the Barber’s Shears”