Flip chart is offensive


Not the flip chart itself, it’s the word FLIP that is offensive.

Just as the word thug has become racist, FLIP has become offensive.

No more wearing FLIP flops, or FLIPping pancakes. No more FLIPping someone the bird, or FLIPping houses for a living.

Just letting y’alll know so you can update your PC handbooks.

I would, but your Alt-Right Strawman is squatting on it.


Yeah, yeah. I still have to update my handbook not to refer to a “master-slave” configuration in IT.

Flip that! How flippin’ stupid can you get?

Good thing Geraldine isn’t around to hear this.

Been going on for a while, it seems.

You laugh, but

I remember when that bit of nonsense first came out, in reference to renaming (non-serial) IDE channels. The suggestion was to change the name from “master” and “slave” to “primary” and “secondary.” Since computers at the time typically had 4 channels, the primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave, the change in terminology would become primary primary, primary secondary, secondary primary, and secondary secondary.

Meanwhile, I swear that there is a bottle of Spic and Span sitting on the desk as I write this. Soon to be Latinx and Span?

Triggering right-wing indignation to collect/fleece money from people during moments of outrage is a growing ‘cottage industry.’

Jordan Peterson does this to the tune of over $62,000 per month (USD) in patreon support alone.

Peterson isn’t as blatant/extreme as Alex Jones, or Rebel Media; but drumming up righteous indignation against nebulous social issues for direct personal gain is his goal.

I’m guessing (not having audio at work) that this is about “Flip” being used to also describe Filipino people? I used to date a girl back in high school who described herself as a “Flip chick”. I’m not sure how “bad” use of the word is these days but it’s not part of my lexicon (in the racial sense) regardless.

But, anyway, it’s okay to just ignore people saying stuff like “Flip charts are racist” and carry on living without making Youtube videos or memes or whatever the rallying call is transmitted by these days.

My rabbit’s name is Flip-flop* and if you mess with him, he’ll clean your clock.
*Named for the footwear.

Guy Fieri was right.

Careful, coach, the lagomorphs are coming and despite this, they are not a happy bunch.

This. It’s not exactly new.

Fox *et al *have had a long string of advertisers, book clubs, magazines, “think tanks”, etc. Each one spewing an ever-growing list of strawman horrors from Rampant Leftism Run Amok. And encouraging the reader to subscribe to yet another Patriot’s magazine so we can fight the good fight. Which new magazine is chock full of stories of leftist outrages and appeals for buying more books, donating to more political action committees, activist groups, etc.

This has been going on full blast since the mid-1990s now.

I’m not watching an 8 minute video for whatever is pissing you off. Link to a specific time or risk a Tsk’ing.

If you think this is a legitimate claim or concern, the world must be a very scary place for you.

The guy talks about flip charts right from the start of the video. You can get the gist in a few seconds.

Very timely thread. I was just wondering about this.

Today I got a filter for my camera. One the back of the case it says, “Double threaded: Female thread accepts other filters, caps & hoods.”

Oh, yeah?? Are they implying that my new filter is a slut and will grant access to any device with correctly configured… er… threads?

How come the PC police haven’t come up with a better way to describe nozzles, plugs, and connectors than male-female, eh? I demand equal representation for gay men and women!


Feel free to call them innies and outies if that makes you (any you) feel better.

Then we can have innie-phobes, innie-philes, outie-phobes and outie-philes. The possibilities for failures to connect and for outrage are manifold. :smiley:

And what about people who drive Audis, huh?

Manifold, indeed. :wink:

When I first sighted this thread’s title I was mildly curious about whether it referred to the old-school usage of “Flip” as racist slang for a man of Filipino origin (circa the mid-20th century, I think, but don’t have a cite for that).

Nope. Just more ephemeral, politics-based silliness.

ETA: on looking at the thread more closely, I find that the usage of the word as an ethnithet has already been mentioned above.