Flomax and dizziness warning.

Daily for years I have seen this warning on my Flomax that says it may cause dizziness upon a sudden change in position.

If someone does experience the symptom how long after taking the pill does it happen?

Tamsulosin (Flomax) is an alpha blocker that has selectivity at the prostrate. Since it is an alpha blocker, it has effects on your bodies ability to self-regulate your blood pressure. This is what can cause the dizziness and orthostatic hypotension, the inability to dilate the arteries to combat the lowered blood pressure in the head from standing.

The data from the clinical trials don’t say when the dizziness will occur, just the numbers of people who get it (15% in 0.4mg, 17% in 0.8mg, and 10% in placebo for the record).

still occasionally happens to me after about an hour or so. I take 0.4mg. Helps that I usually take it before going to bed. It isn’t a major problem, just an occasional moment of dizziness when I move my head suddenly. It doesn’t happen often.

Nitpick: I think you mean contrict the arteries.

Yes, your right, that’s what I get for posting while drinking… What can I say? It’s Spring Break! :smiley:

Besides, almost every prescription drug I have ever gotten, lists dizziness as a possible side effect.

Probably holds true for any drug that is supposed to alleviate dizziness. :smiley:

I got a letter from CVS today. They now have a generic for Flomax. This will cut costs by about 60-80% or so - a guess, I haven’t done the math. One must get one’s doctor to order three months via phone or fax.

When I refilled this week I received the generic. It cut my copay by 70%. The color of the pill casing is kind of weird-but I assume they all end up in the same place. :slight_smile:

You’re posting on the dope during Spring Break? Now that’s my kinda gal! (are you a gal?) haha~