Florida Deputy Fired Over Filthy Comments to Teen Rape Victim

Story here.

How the Hell was this bastard still a cop in the first place?

From the article:

An article within the first gives more detail.

Are the pickings really that slim in Florida? Why was he ever allowed near this girl? How much clearer do the problems have to be to get something done FFS?

Oh, what the hell…

I’ll see your filthy comments and raise you an anal probe
(“raise” is probably not the right way to put it since both are ridiculously beyond the pale, but it sounded better).

Both stories make me happy I left the USA and also make me want to curl up under the sofa.

Because police aren’t brutal and corrupt anywhere else in the world :rolleyes:

Police in India handle rape investigations in a far more sensitive manner.

I know it, what magical planet does slumtrimpet live in where assholes don’t abuse the power they are given? Cause it’s not on earth.

OH I SEE! You live in Antarctica, right?

Sorry, I believed the myth that the USA is better than that, that one could expect that kind of behavior from banana republics and third world nations but never in a fine upstanding land like America, home of the free and the brave.

The problem is that your acting as though America is the only place it happens - it happens all the fuck over the world.

The police in India investigates rapes?

Sorry to derail earlier.
It is very scary that individuals like this guy are not weeded out. It’s even scarier that it seems to be a widespread problem all over the country that is seemingly not being addressed until the lawsuits are filed.

And AnthonyElite, Sattua; No. No, police are not necessarily brutal and corrupt all over the world. A tiny bit of google research confirms that. Police in the USA seem to have jumped the shark and rather than getting better with time and publicity, they’re getting worse.

I can’t comment on police around the world, but I had a former colleague (German) who expressed amazement at the American reverence of Police. He figured it was because we never went through a dark period with respect to police powers. He also thought the pedestal upon which we put police was a bad idea.

I hope both parties defiled by cops win multi-million dollar lawsuits against everybody involved.


I think you’re over-stating this. The USA is huge - abuse of power is notable here because it’s not widespread, despite the number. My biggest issue with the police here isn’t the few bad apples, it’s that the police do little or nothing to the bad actors among them, effectively putting bad cops ahead of the public they protect and the laws they uphold. When these scandals break, you always find out the guy had a history and they did nothing, which only makes them escalate.

He may be related to half of that town’s police force, and that’s how he got and kept his job.

Google David Brame for an excellent example of this. Everyone who encountered him said he was the most unfit candidate for police work they ever saw, and yet he kept getting promoted until he became police chief of Tacoma, Washington. His career ended along with his life when he killed his wife (how he ever found a woman to marry him is a mystery to me; my guess is that she didn’t choose this) and himself in a public place in front of their children. :eek:

It amuses me that slumtrumpet lives in the UK. Anybody remember the 2011 England Riots? Weren’t those caused by the police shooting a guy and later using excessive force on a 16 year old girl? Yep, that’s a paragon of law and order you got there, slumtrumpet.

Shameful! Shocking! [ziiiiiiiip] So, what exactly were these filthy comments, anyway?

Jesus, BG. What the fuck has gotten into you lately? Might be time for a “type twice, post once” filter, dude.

i think his problem is actually that he thinks America should be a place where it DOESN’T happen, even if it has to be the only one.

Ok, wow. Now that I’ve read the article, professionalism was nonexistent.

List of some of the things the cop did:

Asked the girl questions about anal sex.
Asked the girl if she was sexually attracted to other women.
Told the girl he frequented strip clubs.
Told the girl his ex-wife exchanged sex for money.
Tried to sneak a peak under the pretense of examining a self-inflicted scar under the bra line (apparently unrelated to the investigation).

The mind boggles.

If only Germany once had a police force that was immune to criticism despite abuses. :smiley: That’s right, Godwinned.

People in the US really have a love/hate relationship with the police. It’s not just NWA, many people get a little schadenfreude when a dirty cop is caught, and dislike many of the things they do. I think the reverence for servicemen is much higher.