Florida Dopers: Who needs a kitty? (Tampa Bay area)

Yes, another kitten giveaway thread.

My latest kitten rescue is getting better and needs a new home. I’d love to find him one without having to send him on to the no-kill shelter. He had an Upper Respiratory infection and ulcers on his eyes, his conjunctiva was very inflamed and looks a little icky in these pics here and here, but he still manages to be cute. I was going to get some new pics today but my camera phone battery died. I wanted to start the thread anyway because I need to start looking for a home as he will be ready to go soon.

His eyes are looking a lot better but he still needs eye meds for a while. He’s about 4 to 5 months old so not a tiny kitten. He is very sweet and playful. We let him out to run around today and he played with the larger clinic cats for a while and a co-worker’s kitten (my previous rescue). So he gets along well with other cats, I don’t know how he feels about dogs yet.

We will neuter him and give him his first vaccines before he’s adopted out. One stipulation, indoor only cat*.

Tampa Bay Area would be easiest to get the cat to someone but just about anywhere within a couple hours of here is doable if we meet halfway.

[sub]*Please, let’s not debate this here.[/sub]

Awwww, I wish I could help, but I can’t. He looks sweet, though, if you can overlook those og-awful eyes!

Oh, poor kitty! I can’t take him because my husband thinks we already have two cats too many, though I would love to have another (and meet the famous Wile E)! So I’ll just bump the thread and wish you luck.

Email sent.

I’m famous?

Thanks for the bump!

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crosses fingers

He looks like a feline William S. Burroughs! Best of luck finding a good home for him.

C’mon! The kitty is cute! I guess I should have had the weird photoshopper who makes children look like creepy dolls fix the pic to make his eyes look better.

I just wanted to add some new pics, his eyes are looking better.


More kitty

Packing your kitty for shipping

Aw, poor fellow looks so sad. :frowning: Is LunaV going to be able to take him?

He looks real cute in the shipping picture.

Did you tape the box shut yet?

Geez! He is going to be huge based on the size of that nose!
I’m in the area and I wish I could take him but I don’t think the current kitty would be too happy with it.

Aw, he does look sweet. And I wish the OP all the best in finding a home for him.

Here in Topeka, Kansas, I still hope to find a home, within a couple or three hours, for a 13-week old cat. I have two of my own, and a third would stretch it. I’ve had his first shots, and he’s litter trained. A sweet boy.

Shh i r hidng from vet

She’ll be coming by to meet him. I don’t see how she can not fall in love with him because everybody that’s met him has and he loves everybody.

He is quite lovely. I look forward to being introduced!

The kitty has found his home! He is currently stretched out amongst my shoes, absolutely wiped out from his long and busy day.
Here’s a [thread=432263]new thread[/thread]…

Wile E, thank you again for bringing this sweetheart into my life. :slight_smile:

I’m happy he found a home where he will be loved and spoiled. :smiley: