Florida is Officially Fucked

It is, in a sense, quite funny that Twisted Sister wrote a song of protest so vacuous that it keeps getting used by people in ways Twisted Sister don’t like. If you look at the lyrics - and believe me that’s a wasted minute of my life I’m never getting back - they don’t ever state what “it” is that they are not “going to take”. So fuckwits are free to see “it” as whatever they will.

Our local “Trump Lite” a charming billionaire whackjob by the name of Clive Palmer just got pinged for doing essentially the same thing..

I actually like that about the song. Not everything has to be deep and profound - sometimes you can just say something simple in as straightforward a manner as possible. It’s basically the protest song version of the Beatles’ “Love Me Do”.

I saw the ignorant, entitled, vaseline biker gear on that road hog and just Knew she was going to do something ‘Trump Stupid’. Let’s face it, a woman like that probably bathes in Saniflush (and wouldn’t be smart enough to spell “Biden”).

Every bison I know categorically condemns the attack.

I, however, do not. I fully support the Constitutional and Darwinian right of every bison to attack and depants any fucking idiot stupid enough to think she’s someone special who can interact with wild fucking animals without risk. Go Bisons!!!

IMHO, bears have a right to attack. I’m in their habitat. Bison to.

Moose as well. Man you have to be careful around moose.

Black bears have been in my wife’s car twice. And they have been in my car twice. No damage but footprints.

We don’t leave food in our cars.

And have been advised to NOT lock the car. They will just tear of the door handle. I agree, I have seen what they can do to the door on my shed.

Last time I saw our car doors open, I became a little concerned. “Is a bear still in there?” Can’t tell, but I would like to know and close the car doors.

Make no mistake, I’m no gunslinger, but took a .357 mag outside and fired it into the ground behind the cars, while watching the cars. I was close enough to the house to get inside real fast. SUV’s showed no movement. So I figured no bears where inside of them.

I briefly checked out the cars, shut the doors and retreated to the house.

Don’t know why I’m writing the above, but ya got to be careful. VERY careful. A seemingly docile bison, moose or bear will kick your ass and then go back to eating with out a thought about you.

A recent text from my Wife. Verbatim. My Wife texted as she new I was coming home - “Careful, bull moose by fire pit”

IMHO, a much easier thing to deal with that a text that says there are a lot of assholes partying. Don’t get that crap.

Man, I love living up here.

I was camping in the Sierras with a youth group I helped with. We stopped at a ranger’s station to ask about local hikes. They had a corkboard filled with polaroids they’d take of cars that had been ripped open like a can of beans by the bears.

Did they change the presets on your radio?

I’d be more worried that they screwed up the seat or mirror settings.

Thankfully, they didn’t have the keys.

Thank goodness for that. Bears taking joyrides and changing radio presets would be just about the most Florida thing I’ve seen

The most Florida thing would be gators doing it.

How do we know that it’s not gators doing it, but blaming it on the bears?

Google Newsed Florida. Here were the sequentialed headlines I got:

Appeals court sides with DeSantis, reinstating Florida’s ban on school mask mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ ban on school mask mandates will remain in place as the measure faces legal challenges in court, an appeals …

Child Covid deaths more than doubled in Florida as kids returned to the classroom

TALLAHASSEE — Florida reached another grim Covid milestone amid the Delta surge: Since August, the number of Covid-related child deaths in …

Hard to come up with a better, or more infuriating and tragic, cause and effect.

Attorney General Ashley Moody evidently running for reelection on anti-mandate platform:

Attorney General Ashley Moody said “this is about very simply how much power our government officials have when we have never given them that power to do something like this.”

A fired-up Moody blasted “city officials who say they are going to fire city employees if they don’t take the vaccine.”

“It is unlawful,” Moody said. “It is unconscionable that we would trust these folks to throw themselves in front of a bullet for other people but we don’t trust them to make a decision for their own safety. It is unconscionable.”

Moody vowed to back locals who are having their jobs threatened over not getting vaccines, and speculated that vaccine mandates would only make workplace attrition worse for first responders.

If we can’t trust them to do something as simple as wear a mask or get a vaccine to protect others, how are we supposed to trust them to step in front of a bullet?

So many places to potentially put this, but here seems good.

More of a DeSantis round up this Maddow blog entry, where I found the above.

What first responder actually has the duty to “throw themselves in front of a bullet for other people”?

None have the ‘duty’ to… but some might feel obligated to. And Yeah… that’s wrong.

Nobody should ever Have to die for doing what’s right…