Florida's new Motto

Florida: Not All Our Neckties are Colombian.

The necktie isn’t gender-inclusive but it does make you think of business. If they’d been promoting tourism they could have used a palm tree for the letter “I.” Everybody will benefit if the marketing works but I wish they could have included a flip-flop somewhere…maybe sideways for the letter “F.” :cool:

What does a bright orange tie make you think of? President of a clown college?

Also, I can see Rush Limbaugh is glancing at the OP nervously, worried abut his Arbitron numbers.

Or autoerotic asphyxiation, which can be enjoyed in any of Florida’s numerous luxury hotels or budget motor lodges.

Orange=Florida oranges.

Wouldn’t autoerotic asphyxiation be better enjoyed with black leather?

Not if your thing is getting choked by clowns.

Actually, looking at a map I see Florida more as America’s [something else that is not very gender-inclusive]…

Eh, some dipwad from Morrilton Arkansas, who misspells Einstein’s name in his sig, happens to be a racist. Why am I not surprised?

They could change the state’s name to FLOORIDA, and that would lend an opportunity to add a more feminine touch as well. Everyone’s happy!

I don’t care about this organization or its logo, but I wanted to make two completely unnecessary contributions.

First, I kind of like wearing ties, and I miss ties in the workplace (I am a nearly 40 year old dude).

And, second, a woman wearing a slightly askance necktie (with or without a shirt) is one of my peculiar fetishes.

So, to this … what was the group again? … doing its part to bring back the necktie, I say: Huzzah!

Averages about 2 posts per month. I can’t wait to see what else February has in store for us! More insight into president Obongo’s 2nd term?

Somehow I think this whole pitting is either a desperate cry for attention, or else it’s a suicide-by-poorly-written-thread attempt.

Not worth getting jacked up over.

Looking at your posting history, I see you claim to have done some time in the late eighties. I’m curious: what was the charge?

Prolapsed uterus?

Florida: America’s Limp Penis

Florida: At least we’re not Mississippi

You are literally the only man I have ever heard/read expressing this sentiment.

And yes, I do mean literally literally.

I’ve made a few mentions over the years that I prefer to wear neckties at work. The last office I worked at was so casual that I started wearing a tie on Friday, calling it “professional Friday.”

The President of the company liked that so much that he eventually decreed the entire office staff is to wear professional clothes at all times.


How very popular with your co-workers you must have been :p.

That’s what he wants! Obviously the ‘k’ stand for Kincannon and he’s looking to get banned and then get paid for being a dumbass. It’s all the rage these days.