Florida's new Motto

So Florida is trying to get new businesses to move there. Wonderful! And now certain females are offended by not the motto itself but the depiction of a necktie saying it’s “sexist”.

Fucking hosebag cunts. Over sensitive much? I guess if your hero Obongo had used a similar metaphor their huge vagina’s would be dripping with lust and they’d be on their saggy knees sucking his cock.

Flame away. I probably deserve it. Not that I give a flying hairy rat’s ass fuck what you think of me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Yes, yes you do. Now step away from the Jack’s.

Saggy knees?

Yeah, that was pretty lame. LMAO! BTW- What are Jack’s? As in playing jacks?

So, you complain about “oversensitivity” then throw in a racist slur?


come back when never

If that’s how you chose to take it. I think it’s just a funny way to say the name. What makes it racial? I believe bongos are south american not african if that’s what you mean. I could be wrong.

Besides, remember kids, there are no races. So how can anything be racist? And racist against which part of Obongo? He’s half white and half black.

…That’'s okay man cause I like the abuse…

Shitty OP.

You getting pissed at their getting pissed is just so lame.

Someone in the thread is, as you put it, “over sensitive much” but it’s not the women of Florida.

Know thy enemy, kp. Logographically, not biblically. For the sake of all women.

Ignoring the banal trolling of the op, hasn’t anyone told Florida that ties are passé for business? They’d be as well putting in a picture of a fax.


I was hoping for a good take-down of whiny-asses pseudo-feminists who don’t deserve the name.

But when die-hard Republican me read ‘Obongo’, that made me sad.

It had no significance to the story & is undeniably racist. Sorry, you get no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Just google it, if you want to see the President portrayed as an ape.

And according to the OP’s link, the critics in question aren’t even really all that pissed: mostly they’re just mildly pointing out that representing the concept of business by a picture of a necktie is, you know, not all that gender-inclusive.

The only objector named in that story who seemed to be criticizing the logo in anything like an “official” capacity (as opposed to, say, commenting anonymously on Facebook (!)) was the president of the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners:

Yeah, how dare that hosebag cunt suggest that a high-tech communications gadget might be a better symbol for business development than an item of men’s clothing that many businessmen never even wear. :rolleyes:

(Especially since the business development program in question seems to be trying to attract high-tech industries in particular, which tend to be a little less focused on traditional dress codes.)

However, the organization Enterprise Florida has at least managed to inspire a bunch of unpaid idiots like the OP to publicize their Florida business development campaign for free on messageboards, so I gotta hand it to them for successfully generating PR buzz.

Join date not Feb 2013. It is to surprise.

If there’s one thing I think of when somebody mentions Florida, it’s their smartly dressed businessmen.

You suck at funny.

Also not yet banned. Very odd.

I hope it’s just a drunk drive-by because if the OP involved sober consideration I’d be concerned for the poster’s mental health.

Yeah, sure, “necktie outrage”, whatever, but as a rant it’s an incoherent (and racist) mess. Have a little pride in your posts, man. Put some effort in.

Florida: America’s Necktie