Blue "equals sign" bumper sticker?

I’ve notice a few small bumper stickers on cars that are blue with a large yellow “equals sign” in the center.

Again a blue 4"x4" square with two yellow rectangles in the center.

Is it a local (Pennsylvania) thing or nation wide (USA)?

If it is from a secret society bent on world domination, I withdraw the question.

That’d be from the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights organization. You probably get a sticker when you send a donation.

I’d be more worried about people with an inequality symbol as far as the world domination thing goes…

Not that the sticker necessarily means the driver is gay. I know a hetero couple who have two stickers on their car. Just thought I’d clarify.

Only in the minds of a few far-right extremists! (No joke, there are actually people out there convinced that there is a gay conspiracy to Take Over! :eek: )

Barb and I had one on our last car, and have one to put on our current one (but misplaced it and haven’t picked up another. Most gay bookstores have them, along with the (free) HRC bimonthly magazine indicating what contributions are being used to fund. There are several other couples at our church who have them, as well.

I changed mine to a “greater than or equal” sign. But that’s just me.

Thanks Crandolph, the image on the link is what I’ve been seeing these past few years.

What’s a “bumber”???

It’s when you make a spelling error in your subject line and say, “bumber, dude…”

There is a major manufacturer of wood framing hardware (I won’t mention the name here - it’s irrelevant) who’s trademark for a long time has been the “no(t) equals” symbol.

Architects and engineers often allow bidding contractors to propose using “equal” materials to those shown in the specifications - and this manufacturer apparently feels its products are superior to those of its competitors, not “equal.”


Now that the question has been answered, I’d like to waste everyone’s time with a frivolous anecdote about the abovementioned symbol.*

I have a hat with the symbol on it. I wore it one morning when I took my dad to get Lasik surgery. It was early and I hadn’t taken a shower before we left, so I threw the cap on over my messy head of hair. This provoked two responses: One from an elderly woman in the waiting room who glared at me for half an hour, and one from a doctor, who came out from behind the reception desk and asked me if I knew where he could get one. :smiley:

*Hey, at least I’m being honest.

Are you entirely sure that the glare wasn’t because of the pong? :wink:

Maybe she was glaring at you because she thinks it’s rude to wear hats indoors. :confused:

Seconded: I’m straight, and have an HRC polo shirt.

I didn’t get a sticker, though. :frowning:

So your statement is that it’s okay for you to be a bigot but not others. It’d be nice if all bigots made their opinions so clear.

You’re welcome. One of my friends slapped one on his car because he got it in the mail and liked the “equality” notion in general and the human rights thing sounded good. He’s straight in a mostly gay neighborhood. Hilarity ensued when I told him that between the new apartment and the sticker he was gonna have a hard time meeting women if they see him parking :stuck_out_tongue: … he’s keeping it on, being the solid liberal he is. See? Some of us heteros are willing to take one for the team.

Is there any way for a cash-strapped college student to get one of those stickers without donating to HRC?

That answered one question I had kicking around, but never remebered to ask.

The other one was, “What are those Black/Blue/Black stickers I see on cars?”

Where you would find a “gay bookstore” (I’ve never heard of such a place, myself…) I have no idea.

I’d imagine all you have to do is signup for a newsletter or something. Every time they get my name on some sort of mailing list, it seems I get a sticker in the mail, whether I donate or not. YMMV.

One of our local gay bookstores is pretty famous for its drawn out legal battle over Canada Customs’ unreasonable interference with their imports.