What do these TWO bumper stickers mean??

I had always wanted to know this, and seing one of the two again tonight reminded me of the question.

I assume that these two stickers are together, or at least rival each other. Both are square.

1.One of the stickers is Blue with a Yellow Equal sign on it.

2.The other one is Black with a Blue Minus sign on it.
What do these mean, and along with that, are they indeed opposites to each other or what? Are there more in this group if they are so grouped?

Where do you live? What kinds of cars do you see these bumper stickers on? How common are they?

#1 Is a gay pride. A co-worker is homosexual and has one.

#2 Is presumably a PFLAG type statement. “I’m not gay but I have family friends that are, and thats cool with me.”

Discaimer: My use of gay and homosexual are to the best of my knowledge the most common and/or PC terms to use.

What is your actual question there Wendell? I’m in the Southeast US (Georgia). And I would say, of the times Im looking at bumpers, its about once a week and on commonfare to more sporty car vehicles.

Human Rights Campaign logo.

Sorry. I’ve never seen that.

(Minus sign? Dash? Bar? Hyphen?)

I was thinking that it had to do with Gay Rights. Straight but not Narrow, etc.

Ahh, that would explain why I see so many hereabouts…

Is the pink triangle passe, then?

Are you sure the black square has a blue minus on it? And not a Thin Blue Line going all the way across? If the line goes from one end of the square to the other, it’s a “Hey I belong to the law enforcement community” sticker.

Here is a picture of the one I am talking about.


Meeko writes:

> What is your actual question there Wendell?

I asked because I had never seen either of these bumper stickers. I thought that perhaps knowing where you have seen them or the type of car they appear on or something might help identify them. In any case, other people have answered your questions.

I checked today with my coworker. The first one (two yellow bars in a blue field) is Human Rights. tomndeb beat me to it.

According to him. The second is probably some sort of identifier for the gay community indictating what subgroup that person identifies with. He was unsure as to the exact meaning of that particular symbol.