Flourless crust using apples?

My niece has celiac disease, so flour and gluten and wheat products are off-limits. A co-worker mentioned a cheesecake she once made for her gluten-free relative that used caramelized apples and possibly pears as a crust. She said it was to die for, but of course she can’t find the cookbook right now. Anyone out there ever come across a recipe for anything similar?

And while we are on the subject, they have been trying lots of different gluten-free bread mixes for their bread machine with dismal results…one bread was so watery that it leaked after it was baked! Does anyone have any great, basic bread recipe for a gluten-free diet that tastes decent? They’ve gone through so many websites and bakeries and mixes and recipes…

Bob’s Red Mill has a recipe that makes a fabulous gluten-free white bread. I ate it at a friend’s a couple of years ago and I never would have known that it wasn’t made with white flour and I’m pretty picky and don’t have celiac disease.

I think that this is it. The recipe she used had several not flour ingredients like this does and did not use gluten-free bake mix.

I sent the bread recipe to my brother…he says it’s one they haven’t tried yet, so I’ll let you know how they like it.

Now my coworker thinks she gave the cookbook to her mother-in-law. She says it’s a sign of how much she likes me that she is actually going to ask her mother-in-law for it back…she’s not fond of talking to MIL, I guess…