Flu Vaccine Shot Locations

I tried Google.Found lots of sites that basically told me that since I’m 65, I should get a shot, but not to use the mist. I knew all that; I just wanted a site to go to, to find out where in my area I might go to find the vaccine. (My doctor has none.)

So, does anyone know a site that tells you where to try in your area?

I’d hate to reach this age only to die of some stupid flu, because a batch got contaminated or political barriers held up the importation of more.

I’d try asking the Contra Costa County Health Department.

They’ve got a new 888 “flu hotline” number.


Thanks much, DDG.

All I needed was an expert searcher. (And perhaps some common sense; and that’s ALL I need. Oh, and this chair and this ashtray, and this bottle of memory cells, and that’s ALL I need!)
[sup]And these candles, and my Muggles…[/sup]