Fluiddruid, why would you do this?

I really don’t get it.

This thread exists because you took the post out of an existing thread and made it a new one. The post appears to contain a confession of criminal activity, and the reference to an ankle bracelet suggests the OP is already on house arrest. The post itself has no redeeming qualities. I’d deal with it under the “obvious troll is obvious” rule, or possibly as spam. Whatever. This crap has no place here.

I have to agree with Oakminster, here. My first thought on reading this was “spam.” There is nothing at all about this post that’s redeeming or about the stated message of the Dope, fighting ignorance. The only thing missing is Chris Hansen telling the OP, “Have a seat. Please sit down, won’t you?”

Thirded. When I saw a moderator had come into the thread, I was looking for a closing for trolling, not a mild admonition.

I reported the original submission as a troll and was surprised it was interpreted any other way.

Wow, that OP read like something posted to the Penthouse forums. I agree that it was basically spam trolling.

Czarcasm has closed the thread. That’s a step in the right direction. Still think it should be disappeared, and the OP summarily banned. Suspect that is coming.

Really, why would anyone actually touch that post long enough to move it?

Similar to Morgenstern’s though: I’ve heard of threadshitting, but this seems to me a case of shitthreading.

Damn, I was all ready to post my sarcastic response to the OP in that topic!

I couldn’t think of anything to say to the guy that can be said outside the Pit.

I congratulate you on coming up with a new and necessary term.

Or perhaps “mastrollbation”.


In case anyone wonders when they try the link, we have disappeared the thread–and banned BigA for trolling.

(I really, really have to hold myself back from adding a couple of extra letters to that name.)

It’s gone now but what did it say that was so bad?

It’s better off unseen, believe me. You can’t unsee it and there’s not enough brain bleach in the world. I’m sure someone could PM it to you, though. I’m not going to dignify the troll by repeating his words in this forum.

Basically he was talking about how he was stalking some woman he used to know and making obscene phone calls to her.

And he was confused as to why the police viewed this as a crime.

So, as long as this thread is itself inexplicably still open, what thread did the offending post originate in?

On Edit: waitaminute. In the list of threads in this forum, there’s a thread titled “please re-open the ‘worst thing you’ve done’” thread. Is that the one?

No. This one started in a thread about receiving obscene calls. Our not so dearly departed contributed his alleged experience in making obscene calls. And his shock and dismay at being arrested for same. Fluiddruid then inexplicably took that post and made a new thread.

Sometimes mod restraint is a good thing. This was not one of those times. I think she should have banned the guy and disappeared the thread…which is eventually what happened.

Oh. Thanks.
ETA: fluiddruid’s a chick?

It’s been removed, which I’m fine with, but I honestly don’t think that my actions were that strange. What I figured was that a lot of people would have seen the post by the time I responded and would, rightly, knock the guy down about a dozen or two pegs for being an idiot who thought that spanking it on the phone when calling his ex-girlfriend an excessive number of times was funny and/or normal. If he returned to defend himself then we could re-appraise the situation at that time, otherwise no real harm is done and people get to respond should they feel the need to.

In the end, the general sentiment was that it was not a good idea and to remove the thread. That’s fine - in my opinion it’s generally easier to err on the side of caution when removing content without consensus anyway, so I tend to give a person (or thread, or post) the benefit of the doubt. In hindsight, probably too much benefit in this case, but thought I’d explain what I was thinking at the time, since you asked.

checks pants