Fly with blue angels?

Hi does anyone know how much it costs to fly with the Blue Angels?

It’s free. It just takes years of training and dedicated service. See your recruiter.

AFAIK, you can’t buy your way into a ride.

On the day or two before each of their air shows they give rides to members of the press and various VIPs. This category may include local dignitaries, friends of the Navy, and others they want to thank or ingratiate themselves with. The best way to find out who’s going to get a ride is to call the public affairs officer of the base at which they will be appearing.

The chance of a regular Joe like you or me walking off the street and getting a ride is effectively zero. Unless you’re the senator’s daughter.

They don’t do joy-rides.

You’d need to join the Navy as a pilot (that’s right ma’am, a Naval Aviator) and then get really really really good. Good enough for your skills to stand out to your peers and superiors, then if you’re lucky you might get a go at the Blue Angels.

If you just want a joy-ride in a fast jet, I believe there are places in the USA where you can do it. I know you used to be able buy a ride in a MiG 29 in Russia (price was up around 20-30,000 I think).