flying on hallucinations

So im a virgin on this concept of your website… but heres the deal friends of mine just parachuted recently and we talked about it tonight and could you survive an adrenaline rush like that on hallucinations?

On “hallucinations?” Do you mean “hallucinogens” as in “drugs which induce hallucinations?”

Psychedelics, dissociatives, or deliriants? How high a dosage? Which drug, specifically (there are many and they have different pharmacological effects).

But otherwise, I would not suggest parachuting while under the influence of anything, but I don’t see where such an “adrenaline rush” would be any more dangerous to a generally healthy individual regardless of the recreational drugs they take. Not noticing that you are about to hit the ground may be a consequence, though.

Honestly, the drug is probably going to give you more of a rush than the actual skydiving part. The risk is that you would be too immersed in your drug experience to give much thought to important stuff like counting to 10, pulling the ripcord, and positioning yourself properly for landing.

As someone who has been on virtually every kind of straight amphetamine (legally), I can tell you an adrenalin high is grossly inferior to all but the most blase experience I have ever had on a hallucinogen. However straight amphetamines would not include those of the hallucinogenic variety. Although these are generally only truly hallucinogenic in very high (and dangerous) dosages, the subjective experience is qualitatively different and I would put them in a different class.

The real issue is whether your heart would be able to handle the strain. I’ve known people in their 20’s and 30’s who have had drug induced coronaries. Between the constriction of your blood vessels and the dramatic increase in heart rate, I think either an adrenalin spike or an illegal narcotic could kill you with equal ease. The only thing you get by being younger is a slightly wider margin for error.

So… was it good cherry, DrFi?? I hope the OP is over 18 because… well you know… :smiley:

The Op concerns me slightly. Just because the title of the place includes the word “Dope” doesn’t mean we have any more specialized knowledge regarding drugs than any other random assemblage of snarky geniuses.

I have a friend who was very fond of ecstasy back in the day, and was also a keen parachutist. I asked him whether he ever combined the two, and he said no, the parachuting gave him such a rush anyway that there was no need. That and it would have been an insanely stupid thing to to, as temporal and spatial awareness are useful survival traits for skydivers.

I’ve been in life threatening situations which probably produced much more of an adrenaline rush than sky diving ever would and they are qualitatively different experiences. To pretend that they are in any way comparable is disingenuous at best.

As a general rule, messing up your cognitive clarity and combing it with high altitude is not conducive to long term survival. People who skydive without drugs usually have better outcomes than those who take drugs and jump. In other words, while it’s fine to speculate I don’t recommend actual experiments in real life.

This isn’t so much that drugs will kill you on the way down as they mess your reaction time and so forth. Opening your parachute just a little late can lead to serious injury or death. Then the coroner runs tests on your remains, leading to much embarrassment for your family and friends. Also, your life insurance may not pay out under such circumstances, and if you landed on something and caused property damage or landed on someone causing injury or death of them as well as yourself, your estate may be sued as a result.

I went skydiving once in my youth, on my 25th birthday.

It ***was ***my birthday, and we got bumped from 9am to 2pm because of weather, so my buddy and I went out and proceeded to get hammered on beer, chicken wings and pot before my jump. I’m surprised they let me up.

I was rip-roaring wasted – until my legs were dangling out the door at 13,500 feet. I sobered up immediately and had a great jump.

My guess is that the adrenaline canceled out any buzz I had.

  • to add:

It was a tandem jump. Me being in compete control was not a factor.

I don’t think the adrenaline factor would really matter. It’s probably not a good idea to jump by yourself, since timing and reaction would be distorted and could affect your proper use of the parachute. But I don’t think the special excitement of skydiving would be more likely to cause you harm than any other activity. I suppose if you are easily freaked out, and skydiving scared you, you could panic and have a bad trip.

But really, skydiving isn’t actually all that thrilling. There’s a lot of excitement in the anticipation, and hanging out of the plane getting ready to jump is scary, but once you start falling, you aren’t near enough to anything to have a sense that you are actually moving. It feels more like you are floating above the Earth. The ‘stomach drop’ sensation that you get on roller coasters only lasts for a few seconds after the jump. Then there’s some excitement when you get close to landing. But that’s about it. If you want a really thrilling experience, try a rollercoaster, and if you want a truly terrifying experience, try bungy jumping. Skydiving is pretty cool, but the actual experience itself isn’t really thrilling or terrifying.

I’m not sure you’ve gotten the concept of this webite quite right. The “Dope” referrred to in the title is information, not drugs.