Font Installing Problem


I am having a problem downloading the LeedsUni font ( When I put it in my Fonts folder, its contents goes completely blank, as if the font glyphs had been erased. Anybody know how to solve this?

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Since the files are True Type I assume you are running Windows?! I don’t think you can simply copy font files to the font folder. You have to install them. Go to “Control Panel / Fonts” Click on the “Install New Font” from the “File” pull down menu. The rest should be obvious

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You can copy font files straight to the fonts folder and it will invoke the font installation process (you even see a little progress bar pop up). What you can’t do is drag them out of a zip file directly into the fonts folder, or (I think) download them directly to that location.

Cool, is that unique to XP. Can it be done in 98 too?

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It must work in 98, because I have about 500 fonts and I have never “installed” a one. They usually are downloaded into my docs folder and then I cut and paste (or maybe copy, it’s been a while) them into the fonts folder.

Yes, in fact I think you can unzip/download directly to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder in Win98. XP runs a tighter ship on that sort of thing, however.