Font works in win98 but not XP

I have a font which works fine in win98se. I can install it and it works. But when I try to install it in XP I get an error message saying the file is corrupted. The font is MICR used to print the routing characters at the bottom of checks. What can I do for the font to work with Win XP?

What format is the font? You might try converting it to another format then installing that version on XP.

Also there are free MICR fonts that you can download that do already work with XP.

I have no idea about font formats. How do I find out? How do I convert from one format to another? I have never worked with fonts at all.

What is the extension of the file? .ttf = true type, .fon = font, cff = compact font format, etc.

Oh, Ok, I see what you mean. I was assuming it was something more obscure. It is TTF.

Can’t tell you why a TTF might not work on one installation when it does on another, but I can tell you that the download available from this link gives me a working set of the font you’re talking about:

It bundles an OpenType format version too, so you could perhaps try installing that if the TTF still doesn’t work. Hope this helps.

There’s a free one (GNU license) here as well:

The softpile one costs money. I’ll try the other one. Still, I have tried several and they all seem to have problems. For now I am just printing using win98se but sooner or later I’ll have to give it up.

GNUMICR seems to work although for some reason it does not work initially within the document. I have to re-write the text for it to work. Also the characters are somewhat thicker than the original font I have but I suppose it will work.

Another problem is the size although I am not sure how critical this is but to get the size I had before I need to set the font size to something like 11.4 which is not available and the closest I can do is 11.5. The previous font worked fine set to 12.

Still, I am curious as to what is the problem with the one that works in win98se and not in winXP. Can font files be edited somehow? Maybe I could open it with an editor and then save it again or something like that.

Your font file could have become corrupted between the time you installed it on the Win98 machine and then on the XP. I betting you didn’t install it on the 98 after the XP. Where are you getting the font file? Off a cd, a floppy, or off the 98 machines OS fonts area? In case the font file is from a floppy you bought, you could try to use a copy from the 98 machine’s installed copy.

I have installed the font in two win98se machines just yesterday and they installed fine. The file works fine with win98se but does not work with XP.