Food/beverages you like that have been discontinued

Talk about the food or beverages that you enjoyed as a kid, that they no longer make!

Big John’s Beans ‘n’ Fixin’s, which was discontinued for unknown reasons. It had a lot of fans. I often took a batch to pot lucks. I still crave me some.

I remember one company used to make these frozen meat & gravy pouches you could heat up and then pour over toast to make hot turkey sandwich.

Also McDonalds used to offer a chicken fajita that I really liked.

rally bar, hersheys version of baby ruth

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Snow’'s clam crisps.

Grapefruit Tang. It came out when I was a kid and our family LOVED it! And then POOF! It was gone. We kept looking for it in the grocery stores, but never found it again. For years I would search for it, but alas.

It was my first experience with the aching disappointment of a lost love.

Mission brand macaroni and cheese. It’s fake powdered cheese was a lot sharper when most others were trying for creamy.

The McSkillet burrito at McDonald’s was the best thing on their breakfast menu. The sausage burritos they have now are a pale comparison.


Yes! I remember those back in the 70’s. Then they just disappeared:(


That and Powerhouse, Peanut Butter no Jelly bar, Milkshake, and Chocolite. All great candy bars they don’t make anymore.

Me, I wish they still made Weber beer, Augsburger beer, and Kingsbury (the best cheap beer ever made).

It’s not a food, but during my 1970s US Army days I preferred a shaving cream that emerged HOT from the can! It was soon discontinued. I suppose it was carcinogenic or something weak like that. Spoilsports.

Danish-Go-Rounds. Why they didn’t blow Pop-tarts off the shelves, I’ll never understand.
Team Flakes
best cereal ever. Only problem was they got soggy almost before the milk hit.

Cherry 7-Up
Bacon-flavored Cheetos

Mrs Smiths frozen mince pie. My mom used to serve this every Thanksgiving and a piece Ala mode was incredible. I recently found out they no longer make this.


They still make that. We bought a 12 pack of diet cherry 7-up about 2 weeks ago.

Tahiti Treat soda pop. I’m not a big fan of sodas other than Coke and Pepsi, but I did love Tahiti Treat. Hard to pin down exactly what its flavour was, but whatever it was, I liked it. And it is no longer available locally.

They were very similar to Product 19 which they also stopped making. :mad:
Speaking of cereal, my brother always talks about one we had as kids in the early 70’s called Ooboperoos. It was blueberry flavored and had a blue kangaroo for a mascot. I can’t find anything online about it, and just a short blurbed on Tophers.

-O’Boises Potato Chips
-Pepsi Blue
-Pepsi Jazz

They still make Cherry 7-Up, what are you talking about?

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Jolt Cola
Coca Cola with the original coca