Food fight!

dumps a plate of gravy over Harimad-Sol’s head

throws a gob of mashed potatoes at NoClueBoy while his head is turned

You want a pickle? Here’s a pickle.
puts a pickle down Mr Bus Guy’s shirt

scoops up some punch in a glass and throws it all over Anaamika’s pants

I don’t expect this thread to last very long :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll get in as much fun as I can while the going’s good.

smears jelly over the face of SkipMagic and Cajun Man :wink:

Well, seeing as how I’m not wearing any pants (I’m home sick, what do YOU usualkly wear while at home?) no harm done!

But let’s see…*dumps a whole bowl of cold chicken-noodle soup all over **Idle Thoughts’ *head

throws mint chocolate chip ice cream at Malacandra

SkipMagic?! Me too! stuffs a leftover grilled cheese sammich down Skipper’s pants

Woohoo! Fun!

Launches Honey Baked Ham in lno’s general direction.

Hits Giraffe upside the head with a damp sandwich.

At least I got a pickle out of this…

Turns and tosses a bowl of soggy cereal at Idle Thoughts.

Starts to empty a bag of crumpled potato chips into the back of Anaamika’s pants. Stops quickly, appraises situation, empties bag over her head instead.

Chases Inigo with a handful of cooked brussel sprouts, tossing them at his head.

starts whipping coconuts at everyone in sight until the basic rules of food fight etiquette are properly explained to him

bonks Hal over the head with a leg of lamb, then shakes a fish at him

HA! …Hal…leg of lamb…see, now that’s good.

Starts loading Ricolas into the slingshot and taking aim. Spots Twickster across the room, pulls back on the sling…

I can’t believe seven whole minutes went by without somebody beating me to it. And if you want those Ricolas to stick, you have to lick them first, like JuJuBes.

See if you can guess what I am now.
A zit!

grabs the grape syrup and squirts it at Kythereia

A food fight without cream pies? Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves.

Brings in a cart of pies and starts flinging them every which direction, starting with Ivylass for beating me to the zit bit

catapults mashed potatoes sprinkled with peas at ZebraShaSha

Why, you–! sprays him with soda pop

tosses slices of chocolate cake at Anaamika, throws a dish of Bananas Foster at flamingbananas, dumps caviar and champagne over Inigo’s head

Hey, you fight with good food!

Slinging a creme brulee at Kythereia and standing by for some goodies to come flying my way.

And for good measure, pulling a soggy Ricola out and shooting it **Anyrose’**s way…

Loads trebuchet, launches a In-n-Out DoubleDouble at Johnny LA.

Rapid-fires kippers at Miller.

Oh, Dex! Think fast…<splat!> Like the eclair?

::walks in::


::walks right back out::

Grabs JustAnotherGeek by the collar and drags him back in and face first right into a cherry pie

grabs a bottle of Spanish Cava, shakes well, sprays Anaamika with it.

throws smoked trout at Mr. Bus Guy.

Jello! I’ve got Jello!

balances a big pot of loose Jello over the door

While I’m waiting -

Mr Bus Guy, that’s a great idea! starts licking Ricolas and flinging them every which way

Time for the good old-fashioned whipped cream can. I choose to spray indiscriminately. :slight_smile: