Food in Films - Your favorite scenes

I love ‘Big Night’, especially the scene at the end where Stanley Tucci whips up breakfast for his brother and assistant. Big Night…Louis Prima and Timpano…mmmmmm.

Then there’s Frances McDormand moving down the buffet table in Fargo.

And the spaghetti eating scene in Goodfellas.

Damn, I’m hungry.

Eat Drink Man Woman has easily the most beautiful chinese food I have ever seen before. I love the food preparation scenes as much as the story itself.

The lunch scene in The Breakfast Club.

It’s only a brief scene in a montage, but I love the scene in Chasing Amy when Holden presents a birthday cake to Alyssa.

tampopo is the best food movie ever.

i especially like the room service scene, the oyster scene, and most especially the egg yolk scene. i usually need to get hosed down after that one.

I second Eat Drink Man Woman I wanna be able to chop things up like he does!

I also nominate the eating scene in Tom Jones!

So many scenes in Like Water For Chocolate that I actually gained five pounds just by watching the film.

There you go, stealing my chance to seem classy. Bastard. That scene was great.

The Monty Python sketch in the meaning of life :slight_smile:

Eww. The Meaning of Life scene is one of the few bits of Monty Python I could do without. Eww, eww.

On the other hand, I second the mention of Like Water for Chocolate, particularly the lusty meal (quail with rose petals, was it?). I also enjoyed Babette’s Feast and every single restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally (“On the side is a very big deal for you…”).

The Prince’s feast in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:

Slice open the belly of the snake and catch the live eels slithering out, have a little eye-ball soup, and chilled monkey brains for dessert…MMMMMMM.

“9 1/2 Weeks”; or how about the parody of it in “Hot Shots”?

Easy- John Belushi at the Faber College cafeteria line, in “Animal House.” I can see him now, surping down Jello, helping himself omassive quantities of food, to the strains of Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World.”

Capped off by “I’m a zit, get it?” And the food fight.

I’ll second this. I loved the way the old people, so determined not to like the “witch’s feast”, slowly grew to enjoy the food and wine and ended up having a great time.

I nominate the diner scene in “The In-Laws.”

Eating breakfast with the boys in Reservoir dogs.
“You want I should shoot this son of a bitch?”

Hannibal Lecter, sauteing Ray Liotta’s brains in Hannibal.

Oh, and the pork&beans around the campfire in Blazing Saddles.


Big Night and Babbette’s Feast were the two movies that immediately popped into my mind on reading the thread title. And although Tampopo may very well be the best food movie ever, I have a special place in my heart for Iron Monkey. It’s the Big Night of Kung-Fu films. Seriously.

Tom Hanks eating an itty-bitty corn in “Big”.

This is not really food but; Danny DeVito slamming Billy Chrystal with a frying-pan[ Saying: “You LIED to me” *twack * at the dinner table in “Throw Mama from the Train”

Juliette Binoche whipping up hot chocolate with chili in Chocolat. And her chocolate Nipples of Venus, of course.

Definitely Eat Drink Man Woman. It’s inspiring.

I also like the Godfather when Clemenza shows Michael how to make sauce.

“Spaghetti eating scene in Goodfellas”? Doesn’t ring a bell.

For true gluttony, it’s hard to beat Peter Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. Starts with coprophagia, ends with cannibalism, with all sorts of lovely appetizers in between. A classic!

One of my favorite eating scenes on TV was in “Married with Children”, when Peggy redecorated Al’s bathroom in frilly pink and was showing it off to a bunch of her friends. Al retaliates by chomping down about half a dozen burritos & tacos, then picks up his newspaper and waddles off to the bathroom…from where Peg & her friends flee in terror, a split second later.