Food Q- a kiel of a chicken

I just saw a menu which listed the various parts of fried chicken available-
breast, thigh, drum, wing… kiel.

Google has failed me here, WHAT is a kiel?

Try keel, it’s that cartilage bit.

Could be a spilling mistake.

The keel of a chicken is the cartilage that connects the two sides of the breast. I don’t think you’d want to fry that.

Chicken Kiev though is pretty tasty.

Maybe they were selling cartilage stuffed with herb butter?

Well, kiel was how it was spelled on the menu & it cost the same as a breast.

Come to think of it, the back was the only part not mentioned & it’s kinda
cartilegey. I bet that’s what they mean.

Most places cut the breast into two pieces (8 total pieces from the chicken), so you have a left breast and a right breast. Other places use a nine piece cut, where the breast is cut into 3 pieces. The keel is the piece from the center. It does contain the cartilage and some ribs, but also a lot of meat.

I don’t know if they still do because I don’t eat there any more, but Kentucky Fried Chicken used a nine piece cut, and the keel was a prime piece to get.

Just yesterday I ate at a Soul Food place, and I got that piece. I always wondered if it had a ‘name’.

In Japan, they skewer pieces of that keel bone/cartilage and grill it up with a marinade to make nankotsu no yakitori (chicken cartilage yakitori).

Never had it, don’t know if I’d want to…I’m not a big fan of cartilage. Maybe some of our Dopers in Japan could tell us if it’s any good?

Kiel is a port city in Germany. Perhaps they have a chicken dish analogous to Hamburg’s famed beef patty?

That would be the chicken’s jaws.

They do, they call it the breast though.