Food that is so good you must gobble and slurp it.

For me, it’s pineapples and oranges. Give me a big, juicy, sweet navel orange, or a nice succulent chunk of fresh pineapple, and I’ll devour it like a hog rooting for truffles. I don’t even care if anyone’s around - it’s so good that etiquette goes out the door.

What food does this to you?

Good high fat ice cream. Nothing subtle there…just gobble it down and scream from the headache. :smiley:

Indian food. I try to go slow and appreciate the flavors, but I always end up shoveling it into my mouth. Mmmm…spicy.

A big, juicy Australian mango.

Nothing like it in the slurpability stakes.

Fresh, juicy peaches! The kind with the softest of soft downy fuzz on them, and when you lift them up to take a bite they smell perfectly peachy, and then you bite into them and they are not too firm, bit not too soft… and they explode with juice!

I get that all over my face. It’s so delicious! I try to refrain from eating them in public. I get pretty enthusiastic.

Fresh, ripe pears or apples. Lovely and crisp, with that sweet juice that runs down your chin…bliss.

Orange chicken with chow mein. Sometimes I want to invent chopsticks with little spoons on the end just to facilitate the shoveling.

Agreed, but only that Panda Express version…drool

Ribs smothered in sauce (BBQ or chili or plum sometimes). Now that I live alone I just pull out the baking dish, grab a kinfe, cut off the first rib and start eating over the sink. Sauce gets everywhere so it’s lucky that I have a one piece Global paring knife for the cutting.


TMI alert:

I remember once when my girlfriend was out of town, I was making myself a batch of ribs. When they were ready to be pulled out of the oven, I was wearing nothing but my boxer/brief underwear. (I was fixing to take a shower)

My first intention was to pull the damn ribs out of the oven, then go jump in the shower. But then I said “ah, just one little rib wont hurt.” Then one turned into two, then three…

I was halfway through my third rib when I overhear the TV playing in the livingroom: “Up next: SI’s Swimsuit special”

I then thought to myself: “Oh Shit!” So I grabed a half rack of ribs, hap-hazzardly threw them on a plate and ran to the living room to watch the show.

Halfway through the rack of ribs, I realize in my haste, I forgot to grab a napkin.

Me, being the pervert that I am and not wanting to miss my show; I proceeded to wipe the excess BBQ sauce on my underwear.

Remember that girlfriend of mine I told you was out of town? Well, she came home two days earlier than I expected.

She, infact, (to my horror and hers) happened to come home at the precise moment I was sitting on the couch, in my underware, with a half eaten plate of ribs and BBQ sauce all over my face, hands and underwear.

Lets just say the look on her face was priceless.

No photos???

Fresh fruit; I always try to be polite, but with fresh oranges, pineapples and peaches, I always fail. Ruby oranges are in season at the moment and these are my absolute favourite kind. Slllluuuuuurp.

Mangoes and nectarines. I’ve given up trying to be neat and just eat them over the sink.

Can you imagine if she’d shown up early b/c she’d suspected you of cheating? “I know he’s with somebody in there…I keep hearing slurping noises!” Suddenly you’re busted in on by her and a camera crew and all they catch you with is ribs and BBQ’d undies…:smiley:

I don’t love popcorn, but I’m unable to eat it with any restraint.

Dungeness crab! I have to cover the entire dining room table with newspapers and wear a bibbed apron. Then I go to town with crab-crackers and proceed to spray myself and the general vicinity with crab juice. I can usually manage one whole crab by myself, and I cannot eat one slowly - they’re just too delish. Luckily, I only eat one a year.

Pulled pork with coleslaw sandwich. YumyumyuymyumyumyumYUMMMMMMM…
(Curse you,btw. I’m stuck at work and starving… and now I want pulled pork…) :wink:

My grandmother’s home made from scratch from the recipe that her relatives brought over from Lousianna’s shrimp gumbo. She only makes it at Thanksgiving and mmmmm. She makes enough so that we can all take some home. At the family festivities its … well we all look terribly gross. By the time we get to the gumbo that we’ve brought home, we can savor it (plus since its had more time to age its even more filled with yummy flavor). Mmmmmmm shrimp gumbo. I should go call my grammie… :smiley:

For my nearest and dearest, its his grandmother and menudo. Its not my bag, but she’ll make it for him whenever he asks. He usually only has it about once a year or so.

Steamers, they’re also called piss clams. At a restaurant I go to they serve them in a bucket with side bowls of clam broth and melted butter. You pull off the “sock” and dunk them in the clam broth and then the butter & then down the hatch. My friend Peggy puts hot sauce in the clam juice. They’re very messy to eat but they’re delicious.

One time Peggy’s husband Harry (a.k.a. Angel of Clam Death) cooked up 10 pounds of steamers and we had ourselves a feast. Bliss!!

So, when offered Mountain Dew or Crab Juice by the Khlav Kalash vendor, you obviously pick the crab juice, I gather…:smiley: