Food to Annoy Party Guests

This thread made we wonder what kind of food would you serve if you wanted to annoy your guests. Here’s my list:
[li]cheese in a can[/li][li]Spam (right from the can with the gelatin)[/li][li]Wonder Bread[/li][li]Underwood Deviled Ham[/li][li]Ritz crackers[/li][li]olive loaf or that nasty processed ham with embedded cheese[/li][li]Velveeta[/li][/ul]
And for dessert, Circus Peanuts.

Remind me to never come to one of your dinner parties. Gross.
And what is up with your sig? Is JDT that stupid? So much doubletalk and rambling makes me think he is a democrat.

Rice cakes…

Well, I’ve never actually served any of this stuff. This is a hypothetical. :wink:

And yes, he is that stupid. Here’s the thread.

Oddly enough, I thought, the only food that everyone turned down the one time I made it (back in college) was banana splits.

This seemed perfect to me at the time, the thing I’d seen them all eat in the Student Union at other times. It was a good day for it, and we’d arrived mid-afternoon after a concert where no food was served.

But it bombed, I had no takers. They wanted me to scrounge for chips, which I didn’t have. I couldn’t eat alone and the sundaes all turned impossible to refreeze in a few minutes, so I had to toss them. I was crushed. In retrospect I should have been pissed.

Two more words … goat cheese. Heh heh.

These are some of my favorite foods!

I love Circus Peanuts.

Where in the hell is ricepad?


Cooked sushi

Hogshead cheese


Fruitless fruitcake (one of my favorites)

Or Chicken Shortcake, Frankfurters in Gelatin, or Green Balls - real recipes featured on this site:

Can I be your bartender?

Milwaukee’s Best Lite (served warm)
Wild Irish Rose (both straight and mixed with Coke)
wine coolers of all sorts
Southern Comfort

Snooooopy said:

Two more words: Head cheese.

Serve them do-it-yourself sushi.

One of my friends served a giant bowl of beef jerky during his last party. I thought it would bomb, but everyone was chowing down.

I don’t think those foods would annoy party guests, I think it would do something more like sicken them.

Goats smell bad. Everything that comes from goats has that same smell. and it stays with you long after it went down your stomach (see, even your stomach knows better) and melted goat cheese. ::shudder::

If you want to really annoy your guests…chocolate exlax frosted cake.

What’s so wrong with Ritz crackers. I actually kind of like their butterry goodness. Especially with peanut butter.

Great, now I’m hungry.

Manny years ago I had a jointly-hosted-with-a-friend party (i.e., manny guests I didn’t know) at my place. It was the holidays and somebody, I think at work, had given my a joke assortment of horse turds all wrapped up in plastic, each sitting in its own little whatever-you-call-those-ruffled-paper-things that chocolates come in. I just set it out on the table by the chips and dip and veggies - it was quite obvious what it was.

Great party! Lots of people, a well stocked bar (I remember one guy who was tanked heeded my advice to not drive home and pushed his car home ~1 mile),…

Anyway, cleaning up aftwerwards, we found the plastic wrap broken and sitting on top of the box was half a horse turd with french onion dip around its edges.

Bon appetit!

Sort of hijack - sorry, but unless I want to spend many hours wondering, I really have to ask what is cheese in a can? I must be missing something very obvious, but I don’t see why cheese would need to be in a can. I gather from the context that it is not a very popular item, but why anyway?

Celyn, it’s called Easy Cheese. It’s aerosol cheese. At least that’s what I assume Porcupine is speaking of. The cheddar variety is what I buy with wheat crackers when I know absolutely no one is looking. Shall I forward this to the TMI thread?

Two words that really do not belong together:
Head cheese

And don’t forget the Vienna Sausages and pickled pig’s feet!