Foodies: Help me recreating TGI Friday's "Tropical Island Salad"

I recently had one of these babies and would like to make it at home. Here’s how Friday’s describes its Tropical Island Salad:

“A sun-soaked salad of diced mango and mandarin oranges, with toasted almonds and sweet-glazed pecans. Tossed with mixed greens and Peach Vinaigrette dressing.”

>>> What should I do to recreate “sweet-glazed pecans”? Would you guess that’s the same as honey glazed?

Don’t know if I’m missing something here, but my plan is to get some mixed greens, add some diced mangos and mandarin oranges, sprinkle in toasted almonds and sweetened pecans, and then drizzle the works with peach vinaigrette dressing. I might even add a grilled chicken breast.

Any suggestions on how I can recreate or improve on this great salad?

(Note to mods: I plan on eating this salad myself. I will not bulk salad on eBay.)

Extending my unbroken streak of errors, I said “recreating” rather than “recreate.” :rolleyes: