Foods I'm surprised I actually like.

I was the kid who had to be bribed to try anything new, who didn’t want their foods to touch on the plate, etc.

When I was 20, I tried Swiss cheese again. I love it!
When I was 25, I tried salmon. I love it!
When I was 30, I accidentally got bleu cheese dressing on my salad. I love it!
I tried tofu for the first time last week and guess what? I love it!

Aunty Canty, enjoying her 9-grain wheat bread, avocado, firm tofu, radish sprout and tomato open-faced sandwich.

El Yummo.

Just so long as you don’t go in for stinky tofu! That stuff is very bad! Sure, my mom says it tastes like regular tofu, but it stinks like poop! (no kidding, it really does; you can smell it from downstairs when she’s cooking it upstairs)

I found out last week that asparagus does not taste like ass when it’s not from the can. I’m beginning to wonder if that may also be my problem with cooked spinach.

Lime pickles! Love the lime pickles!

I usually make a point when I’m eating out somewhere exotic to try things that I’m pretty sure I won’t like. I’m usually pleasantly surprised by what I get. Then again, after living on microwave burritos and fast food day in and out, I could probably get my dinners from a nearby dumpster and be blown away by the flavor…

Let me explain. I’ve grown up in a seafood town. You can’t go to a restaurant in this town without having someone shove their pecan-crusted flounder or bucket o’ oysters in your face. But somewhere along the line, I fell through the cracks. My parents were never seafood people; their idea of seafood is Captain D’s. (Not even a single trip to Red Lobster as a young’un.) But the SO and the Best Friend grew up in and on the water and insist I try everything that they love. So, now I just love sea bass, flounder, crabcakes, and catfish, among other things. (I still cannot/will not eat oysters.)

I’m w/Canty on the food shouldn’t touch each other kick, and I also like to eat one food at a time (meat, then the carrots, then the next, etc)
I was about 18 or 19 and at my gf’s place (she still lived w/her parents) and I had broccoli. I had to ask what it was, as I had seconds and thirds. They all thought I was weird, but I really like broccoli. Who knew?

Avocado and guacamole - tried 'em at the age of 29. Didn’t want anything to do with them prior to that. Yummy!

Sour cream - first tried when I was 22. Yummy!

Calamari - wasn’t eatin’ no icky squid (till I was tricked into it at the age of 19). Yummy!

Artichoke - first tried at 30. Favorite veggie now. Yummy!

Asparagus - hated it as a child. Tried some fresh spears, steamed, a few years ago. Yummy!

I love almost all veggies - hate most fruit, except berries.

I’m much less picky now than I used to be.

squash… I hate squash. That orange nasty shit you mash up and cover in butter and what not.

I could barely choke it down as a child… lots of salt and pepper… Then I could only eat it with syrup (which is funny since I hate syrup) then bbq sauce… Now even smelling it makes me wretch. Last time I ate it I spent 2 hrs trying not to throw up everything I ate. And I didn’t even eat any I had it touch my lips

I can’t believe I like sushi. Especially sushi rolls. Raw fish? Rice? Soy Sauce? CREAM CHEESE! That hot green wasabi shit? Sounds nasty!

But it doesn’t, and I can’t get enough.

My mother said my wedding china would come with dividers on the plates so the sauces couldn’t run together - I HATE THAT still.

I too am anal about eating - one thing at a time. However, the methodology has been modified over time. When I was a kid, I ate my favorites first, now I begin with the least favorite and end up with the good stuff.

Green peas, however, will remain untouched. Same thing with the mantle pieces of calimari. I like the legs, but not the “o”'s.

I love sushi, with lots of soy sauce mixed up with wasabi sauce. I don’t care for soy sauce many other times.

I would LOVE to try lime pickles. I’ve never heard of them before, but they sound interesting!

Lime pickles are very weird, and I actually don’t know if I like them or not. But I’d eat them again, given the chance. The texture is like fuzzy things that you’d find in the basement, and I can’t even describe the taste, but oddly, I think they’re good. I had them in an Indian restaurant a few years ago, and haven’t found them since. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience though… it’s very unique.

Sweetie, are you sure someone didn’t slip you a pickled dust bunny? Dryer lint? What kind of scary-ass basement do you have, that pickles collect in the corners?

I am so weird.

Ever since I can remember, I have always liked anything I’ve ever tasted. Even as a little kid. Anything and everything.

Now, I like some things a lot more than others. But there is no food that I can’t eat. Never was.

If I weren’t an alcoholic, I’m sure I’d be an overeater.

But dig this: as much as I love to eat…I enjoy cooking for others even better.

Go figure.

Lime pickles?

1 cut 6 limes into quarters. Put in a bowl and sprinkle with 2oz salt. Leave overnight.

2 toast 1 tbsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp fenugreek seeds, seeds from 2 star anise in a frting pan(no oil)

3 strain the liquid from the limes into a pan. Add 3-4 tbsp water, 4oz brown sugar, 1 tsp dried ginger and 4 chopped green chillis. heat until the sugar dissolves and allow to cool.

4 Put the limes into a preserving jar. Pour over the cooled liquid. Seal and leave for 4 weeks.

It dosen’t have quite the same texture as the stuff you get in indian resteraunts, but it tastes just as nice.

I’m with TN*Hippie on this one. I’ll eat anything. I was at a restaurant that had sweetbreads on the menu and I got super-excited (in case you’re not aware, “sweetbreads” are not breads, nor are they sweet… um, go look it up). So I ordered them. The waitress looked at me funny, asked if I knew what they were. Yes, I did. She went and told the bartender some idiot got the sweetbreads. He stared at me. No one could believe I had ordered the sweetbreads.

Anyway, when it came it was delicious (my date didn’t want any, for some reason; this gal thought white cheddar was astonishingly exotic), and the restaurant actually comped the sweetbreads for me. Yep. “They’re GIVING THEM AWAY!”

Anyway: I’ve had scrambled calf-brains, barbecued sparrow (in Japan), alligator steak, all kinds of stuff. I’ll eat anything, and I pretty much love all of it. Not real big on celery, but I’ll eat it.

Oh yeah: I don’t eat sweets and pretty much never have. Other than that, though.

Blackberries. I always thought they looked scary, so I avoided them. Then I had some olallieberry jam this fall and loved it, not realizing that olallieberries are a kind of blackberry.

Had zitti for the first time a couple months ago. As a rule, I don’t like dish Italian lasagna-ish stuff. But I liked it. Have had it again since.

Now I understand little T’s complaint from The Soprano’s.