Foods you love...that don't love you back.

I can “get along” with most foods. Sadly, however, there’s a delicious oil-and-vinegar, very briny, purple/red cabbage served at a local restaurant as a side dish which is very tasty but which gives me a sore, painful stomach later.
What’s odd is that I do just fine with cole slaw, and I have oil and vinegar on the aforementioned restaurant’s regular green salad with no ill effects. Must be the purple, eh?

What foods do you/would you like to eat that don’t agree with you? Do you eat them anyway and just accept the pain, or do you skip them with regret?

Sometimes lettuce gives me a stomachache, but I eat it anyway.
You don’t even want to know what sour cream does to me.

I love anything with coconut, but it almost always messes my stomach up. Same with mushrooms, so I usually can’t get them on pizza or enjoy nice marinated grilled portobellos. And I don’t fare much better with cabbage (including cole slaw and sauerkraut).

My body seems to handle spicy foods better, but there have honestly been times where I had to relieve myself after dinner before even leaving the restaurant! (I think in all cases, the culprit meals were greasy as well as spicy.)

Dean’s Lowfat Chocolate Milk. Not so sweet, lots of rich chocolately flavor. And lots of painful distending gas.

Also, I can’t turn down fresh pineapple, even though I know it will savage the inside of my mouth.

Mushrooms. Love them, but can’t digest them very well.

Eggs. Any style. It’s a one sided love affair.

Until the last two years or so, the delicious batter-dipped chicken available at Long John Silver’s gave me no trouble - but with my advancing age, my tolerance for massive amounts of grease has diminished. So I still love the taste, but have to severely moderate my intake - or I get incredibly queasy.

The hottest Thai food you can find.

I used to go into places and tell them, “make it as hot as you can. And I don’t mean hot for a white man. Hot for a Thai. You simply can’t make it too hot for me.”

I loved it. I’d get massive endorphin release. I’d sweat through my clothes. My face would be sweating.

But, I’d wake up at like 5 in the morning, with a tremendous stomach ache and the urge to defecate.

I’d have to use the bathroom like 3 times before 8:00 in the morning. Each time would leave me with a burning ring for 30 minutes afterward. I’d feel bad all day long with stomach aches and a constant urge to poop.

And, I did that repeatedly. Each time I’d go back, “dinner Trunk” would punish “morning Trunk” but then I had just a couple major painful mornings. . .mornings like I thought I was doing damage to my intestines.

Morning Trunk has won. . .for now.

I looooove Dirty Rice (Zaterain’s brand) but every time I eat it, I know I’ll spend the night in the bathroom, vomiting.

The first time, I thought it was a fluke. The second, I started getting suspicions. The third time I knew: Dirty Rice is poison to my system. I don’t even try to eat it any more, though it sounds delicious. (Now I have a craving. Thanks.)


Pokey sticks from Gumby’s pizza. bleh, too much grease, but damn tasty.

I love fresh pineapple too, but it kills my stomach. Canned is fine but fresh in large quantities is relaly painful. But, that’s pretty much the only thing that bothers me.

I discovered I had a pre-ulcerous condition by overindulging in Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. Chocolate in any significant quantity now makes me feel ill.

Cucumbers. <<sigh>>

I love to cook chili, but man oh man, the beans do a number on my system.

From past experience I know my limitations with this stuff.
Later, a friend of mine took me to dinner. He saw escargot on the menu and asked “have you ever tried it? is it good?”
I told him yes but in very small quantities.
He ordered a plate and I had one and he had one. He thought they were delicious.
“Wow these are good. Have another.”
“No thanks.”
“Why, don’t you like them?”
“Yes, I like them.”
“Then have another.”
“No thanks.”
“I’m going to eat them all then.”
“Go ahead.”
“Okay. Your loss.”

He called the next day to tell me how he was up shitting all night.

scallops - mildly allergic to them, they will cause me to have the runs for about 6 hours starting about half an hour after eating them.

yoghurt/acidophilous milk/acidophilous caplets - screaming shits for about 3 days. I figure the runs cancel out any theraputic value they might have…

lots of fried stuff in a sitting/1 small portion of mcdeath fries. No clue what McD’s changed their fry iol to, but it gives me the shites. Also if I eat more than a small amount of fried foods I get the runs. I just don’t like lots of grease or fat in my food. Doing low carb, I could eat a pound of bacon at a sitting, but then I would be sitting on the john for a while and I would prefer to avoid that=-)

Although my stomach is very strong (family trait), I am diabetic and have kidney problems so that means I have to stay away from…

sugary food
salty food (I don’t particularly like salt, but I like pickles and pretzels)
anything with high amounts of phosphorous (this includes leafy green vegies. How many doctors recommend you DON’T eat lettuce?)


I love you brussel sprouts, truly I do, and what do I get in return? Noxious fumes.


I have no problem with any other dairy products (or any other food at all), and it doesn’t happen every single time, but usually there is some payback when I eat cheese. And it doesn’t matter what kind of cheese it is, either: mozzarella sticks, Kraft dinner, alfredo sauce, sprinkled parmesan, cubed cheddar, etc. Even pizza, if I eat too much of it.

But I love cheese. I make no effort to monitor my intake of cheese. I just make sure that I have a certain OTC medication with me at all times. :smiley:

Yeah…they act like they love you, but I can always tell that they’re faking it. <<double sigh>>

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Love it, but if I drink it, I’m up in the middle on the night with “distress in the lower tract.” Even regular grapefruit can cause a problem if I eat too much. :frowning: