FOOLS! You have ruined my collection! (quite lame)

Few days ago I was in a used bookstore that I occasionaly visit. Quant little place in Cocoa Village, a place filled with mom and pop clothing stores, mom and pop coffee shops, art stores, a theater, and all kinds of other good stuff. Since they served used books, I decided to ask them if I could order a copy of Life the Universe and Everything from them. I could buy it new for about $12.00, no problem, but I loathe the new covers for the HGTTG books, and since I’ve already read all of them I’ve been willing to hold out untill I find the first edition copys before I buy them…well Life the Universe and Everything anyways. I have found all of the other books with the original covers. Took me about 2 years, but I did it!
…Well anyways, they said I could order it. I told them I wanted it with the original cover, a first edition, that I hated the new covers on all of the book. I wanted the only book I was missing to have the green planet blowing a rasberry at me on the cover just like the others.

So I go to pick it up, and it’s one of the newer copys…!!! YOU SONUVABITCHES! I had waited years to put my collection together, had told you I wanted a first edition copy, and you, you have the gall to ruin my damned collection by ordering the wrong book!!! Of course I payed for it. There were other people around, and I didn’t feel like showing them all what a obsessed freak I was by causing a scene, and I did plan on going back to this paticualr shop since they had great prices on books in good condition. I felt like leaping behind the counter, breaking the employees old brittle man hip, beating him into the ground, and then leaving a letter of complaint on the wall IN BLOOD :mad:.


Ah hell, I guess I can just give this copy away to a friend once I find a copy that hasn’t been marred by an ugly cover.

Have you tried looking at’s used books for sale, or E-bay? Just a thought you know…

Your post got me to thinking that I had the book you wanted. It turned out to be a book club edition. It does have the green planet rasberry though.

Ummm, overreact much?

Why didn’t you just tell them “Sorry, this is the wrong edition, can you try to find the correct one for me?”.

Stores make mistakes. Perhaps there was a miscommunication between employees.

It’s really not a big deal. Do as Zabali suggested and check Amazon or Barnes and Noble - I’ve managed to get several out of print books from them.


If I lived in Cocoa I’d be cranky too.

Come to think of it, I did, and I was cranky.

They “serve” used books? Who the hell would order a meal like that?

No offense, JoeSki. Just goofin’. :smiley:

I don’t think you’re wacky at all. Around 10 years ago, Books of Wonder started re-printing some beautiful hard cover editions of the Wizard of Oz books. I was a fan and planned to purchase all of them as they were slowly released over time. So, over a period of 2-3 years (I can’t remember how they were released) I bought the first 6. They all had matching dust jackets and looked nice sitting on the shelf together.

Beginning with the 7th book, Books of Wonder changed the dust jackets, so the spines no longer match the earlier books. I completed the collection anyway.

It’s a small thing, but it drives me nuts!

Try the above. I’ve used them to find many books I wanted.

Relax, your collection is not ruined; it is still just incomplete.

I’ve got a copy! 1st edition, 3rd printing, with dustjacket, green imprint on spine, book is in very good condition (spine is NOT cracked) there is a pencilled in “15” or maybe an “A” on the front page that was erased at some point and a small pencil line parallel to the spine across the top of the pages. The dustjacket has a 1-1/4" tear on the inside flap and 1/4" tears on the front and back top. Other than that and a tiny bit of wear on the edges of the jacket, it looks good.

12 bucks shipped and it’s yours.

I suppose I could have done that before, but I was trying to avoid it since I figured I would come across it for 50 cents at a thrift shop sometime or another. I didn’t go into the bookstore looking for the book I ordered, I went in looking for The Art of War (which they didn’t have), but figured I would try ordering Life the Universe and Everything when they said I could order the books there. So I told them what I wanted, they wrote down my order and told me they would call when it was time to pick it up. I could try to buy it online now, but the thing is I’ve been out of a job for half a year now or so, and have precious little money to spend. Any money I have to spend has been graciously given to me by my mother without me asking, and I try not to spend all too quickly.

I probably shouldn’t have even ordered the book in the first place, but I felt the need to own it as I wanted to finish my collection, and I wanted a friend to continue reading the series but the only way he could do that was the read the third book. Currently I have about 35$ in my wallet, and that has to go towards gas, pet food, lunch money for school, and whatever else may come up, and after that, I’m looking for another handout which is something I hate to do. I’ve been looking for a job ever since I lost my last one in July, but finding a job down here is damn near impossible. I’ve filled out applications to every store or business that I’m qualified for* that I can think of in three different cities. So yeah…spending $5 on something and not getting what I wanted is something that really gets under my skin.

  • Except fast food. I refuse to work in a fast food joint. I wouldn’t mind working in a resteraunt so much, but no fast food places.

What’s so different about a book club edition?

It would have only been overreacting if I had carried through with my desires :slight_smile: .

I wasn’t sure wether or not I could have asked for something else. They had ordered the book and I had to pay extra for S&H, and I would have felt silly bickering about not getting the specific copy I wanted. If there ended up being an arguement over it, then I would have had to have found a new (and probably more expensive) place to buy my books from. Not only did they mess up my order and make me drive out to them on a ridiculously hot day, but I felt like they put me in an odd situation.

Lived in this citie before eh? :slight_smile:

I actually live in Rockledge, but it’s just as well. There’s a lot of crime here, everything is dirty, and there is nothing to do. The fact that I have lived around these parts (including Merritt Island) for the majority of my life is esspecialy infuriating. But Cocoa Village is a swell place to visit every now and then. I’m usually an avid Florida hater, but the last few days have been so good I could just about forgive the Sunshine state for all of the crap it has put me through. Latley I’ve participated in shooting tournaments, have scored a couple bullseyes (some at 200 yards :smiley: ) with an M1 Gerand, attented a barbaque, and have seen more wildlife today around the shooting range we visited than many people would see in a year here :slight_smile: . Of course then I remember what all of that crap was and am blinded by hatred again. Still, me and my friends had good times today. Drunk too many cokes though. Feel like throwing up :-/.

pukes all over your shirt

Well yeah, but I still feel inconvenienced and irked about the situation.

I’d love to but I have to save what’s left of my money. Kudos on the good descritpion though :slight_smile: .

There are other reactions possible between “meekly accepting an item that is wrong” and “screaming fit”, you know. It would not have caused a scene to have just said “I’m sorry, but this does not meet the requirements that I specified when I ordered this book.” and handing it back to the clerk, or at least it should not have.

And it’s probably not too late to go back and get your money back, since the bookstore screwed up.

I’d have just said " sorry this isn’t what I ordered" and walked out. If you requested a first edition, they should be understanding.

I don’t care about the edition so if you want, we can trade.

Ok :slight_smile: .

Me email is .

I’ll send within the next two days.

Ask 'em.

If you go to a restaurant and order a hamburger, but get a chicken sandwich, do you pay for the chicken sandwich AND the hamburger? No. You send the chicken sandwich back and they fix you a hamburger. You pay for the hamburger. They screwed up, they eat the costs of the chicken sandwich.



It isn’t as if the book is spoilable either. They can just put it on display, and sell it to someone else.

Woooo MIHS! Go 'stangs! Wooooooo!

Well yeah, but I still feel inconvenienced and irked about the situation.


And you have been and you should be.

As a collector, I feel your pain.

But next time, if you don’t want it, you won’t pay for it, will you?

Hope the book you found in this thread is what you want.


Originally Posted by fireman
Your post got me to thinking that I had the book you wanted. It turned out to be a book club edition. It does have the green planet rasberry though.


JoeSki asks

What’s so different about a book club edition?
Book Club editions are usually smaller than the original, and usually set in a different typeface.

I’m happy that you found a copy. I have a room full of bookcases, full of my book “collection”.