Foot Binding


I was just reading the column on the practice of binding feet in dynastical chinese culture. I have read extensively on this subject in my research of chinese history, and beyond the attraction of seeing women wiggle when they walked there was another reason i came across. The reason is rather vulgar,but does appear in several publications i have read. It is said that “lotus” feet were used to excite their partners by inserting them into the rectum during sexual foreplay. This was not necessariy a universal and could have been a deviant practice but I have read it in several modern publications. Just thought that might explain a little further why women were subjected to this practice.

Also in the last section of this article the writer refered to women putting rings around their necks and being unable to remove them due to lack of support. The same was true of lifetime corset wearers. If a young lady had worn a corset from near infancy it pushed her internal organs in such a fashion that her spine would not properly support her figure and her internal organs had been disfigured often pushing the kidneys and liver into unnatural positions and pushing the lungs up further into the rib cage. The corset was very damaging to a woman’s internal organs.


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