FOOTLOOSE: the 2010 Remake (bizarre multi-filmmaker experiment but REALLY COOL!)

Our Footloose Remake was recently brought to my attention.

This was a collaborative film project that was completed last year: “54 Scenes recreated by 58 Directors”.
Entirely bizarre but entirely AWESOME.

Each director did his/her own adaptation of the script and each their own cast.
It’s disjointed enough that I thought I would have to watch it in pieces. I watched the first 20 minutes one day . . . but when I sat down to watch it the next day I watched the entire rest of the movie, not needing a break at all. It was just really cool . . . and once you get used to the constant changes in style and cast, it becomes easier to watch and feel it flow.

One gets the feeling that most of the directors and actors come from a sketch/improv background. If you’re a fan of Improv Everywhere, imagine that kind of community of performers doing a performance of Footloose. Another good point of reference would be Funny Or Die. In fact, no doubt you’d find a lot of matches were you to cross reference Funny Or Die contributors with the names in the credits for this movie.
A really cool project that, based on the sheer number of people who had to be depended upon to participate and not flake, is pretty amazing. Stick with the film all the way to the end and you’ll be rewarded. The whole thing was put together in a great way.

Since the Thread has had 138 views, I’m going to use my “one bump” privilege to ask if anyone has watched any of it.
Has anyone watched any of it?

I watched a few minutes. I’ll try to catch some more tomorrow.