Maybe I’m alone in this, but there are just some songs or types of songs that reach down my spine and make me want to move to it, even if its badly. If I don’t dance sometimes then I feel like I’ll go crazy. People say I suck at it, but to me thats not the point. I guess I’ve never understood dancing as a form rather than a release. So I’m curious… do you dance? If so, why do you dance? And what songs really get you out on the floor?

Right now I’m listening to the title of this thread and tapping my feet vigorously.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! A schlocky 80’s dance ditty that doesn’t even showcase Geroge Michael’s voice very well. But as soon as I hear “We’re gonna jitterbug” (or whatever he says) I’m shuffling my feet and waving my arms. Just boogied to it last weekend at a dopefest outing to a gay bar. Did I suck at the dancing? Hell, I don’t know, and I didn’t care. Nobody ran away in horror at least. Like you said, it’s a release for me rather than a mating ritual or what have you.