Footlose - 30 years and Kevin Bacon can still dance.

Kevin Bacon doesn’t look much different from 30 years ago. Still moves and dances really well. I enjoyed seeing him reenact some of his classic moves on the Tonight Show.

Question, was that a body double doing the gymnastics? I can’t imagine Kevin doing that with the minimal rehearsal time he had for a Tonight show sketch.

Oh, I see now. They included some original footage from the movie. That gymnastic scene is from the original.

For a Tonight Show sketch they were pretty clever in recreating Kevin’s key dance elements.

heres a clip of the original warehouse dance

the final dance

No, they had a gymnast doing the gymnastics on the Tonight Show, they didn’t use elements from the original. They even introduced the gymnast during the show.

USCDiver thank you for the clarification. I didn’t see the show. I just saw the clip the news posted.

buzzfeed compares the shots side by side

I’ll watch it presently, but was it as good as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s live rendition of Make 'Em Laugh?

Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s live version of the song on Saturday Night Live:

Here’s Donald O’Connor’s version from the movie:

O’Connor’s version is much more complex but doubtless with many takes and many pauses between shots, but Gordon-Levitt’s was done with one take and no pauses.