For a creative person, I am crap at name an eyebrow studio?

So, I am launching a bit of a home business. I took my certification in waxing and threading and I am doing eyebrow sculpting out of house. I started getting the word out a little offering free eyebrow shaping and so far, everyone has left raving (granted, they are not paying, but I try to be good at it).

I need a name for it - something memorable and a bit edgy but classic. I can do body waxing, but I would really like to specialize in brows and some facial (upper lip, for example). I need to shamelessly beg you all, the teeming millions, to help me think of a name…thank you in advance. No Brow Bar (done, at the mall).

That’s a tough one.

I think you don’t want people to think brows are the only thing you do - unless you are really confident you can survive on eyebrow stuff alone. I think spas and the like get much of their business from multiple services.

Brows and beyond?

That’s all I got

True, it may never be more than a side thing, and that’s ok too. I still have my day job :slight_smile:

Not that these are any good, but could help someone’s brain jump off in the right direction,

Hair Mod
Brow Mod
No Extra Hair
Face Framer
Goodbye Fuzz
Elegant Brows
Lady Stache Gone
Face Hair Care
Cosmetic Hair Care

Take a Brow
Eyebrow Queen
Raised Eyebrow
The Brow Frau
Brow Wow
High Brow
The Tao of Brow


I realize it’s not the same thing, but yesterday I saw a sign for a place called Lash Bar. They do eyelash extensions, so it’s accurate, but, of course, they don’t limit themselves to lashes. There are lots of possibilities with “lash.” Of course, this may also suggest kinky sex (although that might be a selling point – it’s memorable)
Lash into Shape

Lash of the Titans

Forty Lashes


Lash LaRue*

Of course, if you don’t do lashes and don’t want to keep explaining that, you might not want to go this route.

*This sounds like a porn pseudonym, nut he was a real actor in westerns in the 40s and 50s, Alfred “Lash” LaRue was skilled with a bullwhip, and reportedly taught Harrison Ford how to use it for the Indiana Jones movies.


Ninja’d by Girl from Mars, but I was going to suggest High Brow as well.

**Arches **is also nice.
Other suggestions:

**Saving Face

Eyes on You**

Wax On, Wax Off (probably not specific enough, though…)



It’s All Good, Brow!

Lucky Plucker

*Brow Kapow! *(With before/after pictures labeled “brow”/“kapow”)

Pluck You

I thought that a sign with an eyebrow/eye on each side and the name vertical in between (like a nose) would be cool.

+1 for Pluck You :slight_smile:
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

(Hair Today Gone Today)
(Hair Yesterday Gone Today)

I wanted to suggest High Brow and Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow too.

The Face Place

On Fleek

MyBrow (or MyeBrow with the e in a different color or font)

You guys are awesome. When my daughter gets home, she will help me pick. I would like to send a little something to the “winner” so I will let you know. Thanks again!

Beat me to it.