Must... resist... shaving... eyebrows.

I just shaved my face, and was feeling on a roll, so I also shaved my head. Additionally, I shaved my private bits. Then, I shaved my armpits.

Now I’m thinking, you know, what hairy areas are left? Hey, there’s still some hair right there on my face. Eyebrows. What if I just, you know, ever so slightly *shape *the eyebrows a bit…

Please talk me out of this.

Nope. Would much rather you shave them off, and post what reactions you are getting at home and at work over the next few days.

I once shaved my eyebrows to see what it’d be like. Turns out that eyebrows are surprisingly effective at keeping sun, rain, and sweat out of one’s eyes, so it kinda sucked till they grew back. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

BTW, can people with non-food names post to this thread.


I once shaved off half of my left eyebrow by accident. I thus found that you shouldn’t use a trimmer to “tidy up” your eyebrows. Pluck them instead.

You’re going to be so itchy when everything starts growing back.

You don’t have hair on your arms and legs?

Maybe he shaved there first.

He didn’t mention it. Do you think that he shaves his arms and legs so frequently that it doesn’t even count anymore?

It could be. Or maybe he just forgot that he hadn’t, and is shaving them as we post!

I shaved my eyebrows once while sporting a crew cut. I was in the Navy. I think I freaked out the Chiefs and many others. We were in the middle of the Indian Ocean when I did it. Somewhere I still have the photos.

I should find them and scan them in.

It is not so bad. The reactions I got were priceless.


If he shaves his arms and legs everyday, then shaving his eyebrows is hardly the :dubious: part.

If he just forgot, those are pretty big areas to forget.

Or alternatively, he might not usually have arm and leg hair, which is kinda rare I think.

Wow, Jim, this is a whole new side to you. It goes along with the Ghandhi thing, but I’m surprised.

I once shaved off most of each eyebrow, except for a small round patch centered over each peeper.

That’s right…
I “Dotted My Eyes”

True story from my past


Do it- I’m curious how it turns out.

Maybe he’s blond and couldn’t see his hair there. I dunno. There’s no explanation that satisfies me here.

How’s this or this?

I was wrong about the crew cut, it was a little longer. :smiley:


That’s hilarious!! And you’re right. . .the expression on that other guy’s face is priceless. It’s like. . .whaaaaa? and that’s messed up, dude and wow, I wanna do that too. . . all in one moment.

But you don’t look bad without eyebrows. Whodathunk?

Bob Geldof as a no-eyebrow-havin’, quasi-Hitler-lookin’ dictator in The Wall.

He was my inspiration. That and going a little crazy in the middle of a record setting 110 straight days at Sea.


I just wanted to post to this thread. :smiley:
I say, do it! But only if you then post pics here.

Doo it, doo it, doo it, doo it, dooooo it! /chanting