I shaved for this?

I shaved my beard last night. I still have my long goatee, but shaved the sideburns. I was getting tired of it, and plus, not all the hairs grow the same way, so it looks weird.

I expected at least someone to notice today. NO ONE DID! What’s up with that?

I shaved off my mustache and goatee a couple halloweens ago, and the women couldn’t figure out what I’d done, but noticed, and the guys noticed immediately. This time tho? not so much as a ‘did you do something different today?’ What a drag…

Maybe I’ll re-shave my head soon. Maybe someone will notice then.

Shave your entire body. Go to work naked.

that should do it.

G-d, what I wouldn’t give to just be dipped in a big vat of Nair all the way up to my sideburns. I’d buy satin sheets and talcum powder, and change my ego’s name from “Hey you.” to “Mr. Smooth”.
[sub]Yeah, I’ve really gotta quit sitting so close to the microwave at home.[/sub]