So I shaved my body last night.

So last week I asked about shaving down because of a swim meet I have this weekend. I all the years I’ve been swimming I have not shaved. Well I broke and the other day I bought the bear trimmer.

Well last night before practice I stood in my shower, with the water off, and did a prelim shave on my legs. I think I got enough hair to give a balding bear a toupee. That took 30-45 minutes so I couldn’t get to the rest of me as I had to make it to the pool. I got lots of oh hey how cute, let me feel, hey Geroge come feel this etc.

After practice I finished the job. Now I have eyebrows, hair on my head, hey I’ve got long hair, and well I just couldn’t do that to poor little Eddie. Now I look like some sort of freak, I have never seen myself without hair before, well I guess when I was a little kid, and I feel funny too. Last night in bed my stubble kept grabbing the sheets. I can’t believe I did it, and I’m still not done yet either. Saturday I have to finish the job by getting the razor out. I have no idea how women do this all the time.

So anyone showing up at JC’s halloween bash, don’t laugh too hard.

Well, that’s a mental image I didn’t need this morning…


A friend helped me shave some hard-to-reach bits Wednesday. I feel your pain.

Where’s the pics?

(Mine will be here soon, as soon as I have them taken)

Oh hey FCM is smitten with me. :smiley:

Otto, I’m hoping to get some pics tonight. You know had someone told me just a couple of years ago that I would be shaving myself and taking pictures I would have laughed my ass off, now it’s just my hair that’s off.

Much luck in your swim meet this weekend!!!

[hijack] BTW I got the books…they are great! Thanks so much! [hijack]

Glad you got the books, I will see if I can find some more motorcycle books. I didn’t know there were a couple more in the series. Maybe next time I’ll send some motorcycle pictures from around the country.

Oh yeah baby - smitten - that’s the work. oh baby oh baby


Ass hair is off, perhaps?

Here’s the best one I’ve got so far. I’m even demonstrating my now smoth legs. :smiley:
Hairless Eddie