For all Harry Potter fans....

An article on BBC News, saying the next Harry Potter book may not be out till 2003 - aargh! How will we all cope?? :frowning:

Hmm. I had heard that the manuscript was already delivered, but this makes it sound like it has not been sent in.

Writer’s block? Written herself into a corner?

She needs to stop having a life and write the book already!!! I’m already getting the shakes, soon i’ll be gnawing my fingers to the bone. I Need my Harry Potter!!

You people are scarier than Robert Jordan fans.

She’ll write it when she writes it. Sheesh, if you rush her, you’ll only get crappy books out of her.

Hey, we Robert Jordan fans have been waiting for like 15 years. We’re used to it. We can do an extra year with one hand behind our backs.

I’m still waiting for the new EM Forster.

I’ll wait.

Tom Riddle is a mudblood.

That story makes no sense to me at all -

  1. I have heard that amazon was already taking pre orders on it, leading me to beleive its printed

  2. I saw JKRowling on Biography, and SHE HERSELF said all the books were written,and that the final book was in a safe undisclosed location to prevent people from breaking into her house for it. The FINAL book is what she said.


I heard that she has the last chapter of the final book locked away somewhere. It explains what happens to each of the characters in later life. To do this she must have a fairly good idea whats going to happen!

I think that they might be waiting until after the next film or so so theres more public interest once again.

I also heard that this next book was very difficult to write as a much loved charater dies

I reckon its all a publicity stunt!! She’s doing it on purpose (or her PR people are), just to get more attention to it… But still… grrrr… I need my next Harry Potter fix…aaargh!!

I’ve resorted to revising for my final (ever!!!) exam to distract me from it…


Well she has said publically that the last word of the 7th book is “scar”, subject to change.

And Doug, I think you’re probably right.

Yeah, I think Doug may well be right as well… it’d be a nice twist

I saw part of a TV interview with her a couple of weeks ago in which she said that she had some part of the 7th book written and hidden away and the rest of the stories mapped out, but my impression was that there was a lot of detail work to be done yet.
I remember one shot of her sitting, on the floor IIRC, showing the interviewer boxes full of odd bits of paper with scribbling all over them. Kind of like my desk looks now.

I just finished the third book last night, BTW.
I’ve been wondering why a middle-aged man such as myself is enjoying these books about kids. But they don’t feel like kids books, if you know what I mean. I can actually identify with these kids. Has there been a thread about this phenomenon?

I preordered the next book from Amazon back when its “assumed” publication date was March, 2002. I don’t know if they’re still taking preorders, though.

It’s been almost a year.

And now, another.



And why is the paperback release of the previous book always tied to the hardback release of the next volume?

GoF will never come out on paperback at this rate.

Goblet of Fire is out in paperback… Well, at least here in the UK.

Dear Ms. Rowling:

The movies just aren’t that important to me. Yes, I enjoyed the movie of “The Sorcerer’s Stone,” but not nearly as much as I enjoyed the book.

I would much rather have a new book than a new movie, if you have to choose.

I realize that I am a grown-up, and that grown-ups aren’t supposed to become obsessive about children’s books.

But you started this whole mess. You wrote books so good we all became obsessed with them. Now you have a moral responsibility to tell us what happens next as soon as possible.

If you didn’t want legions of obsessed fans waiting for your next book, you should have written something worse.

Now do your job and FINISH THE BOOK!

Thank you.