Harry Potter movie question

Does anyone know if its been confirmed that this will indeed be the last movie with the current cast? I have to say that I really enjoyed the GoF movie and hope its not true. Are they even looking at making the next movie at this time at all? I haven’t heard anything about it but my wife who follows these things says that this will be the last picture for a while…and the last one with the current cast. True?


Well, the IMDB showsOrder of the Phoenixas in pre-production, with filming scheduled to start in February. The same cast as the first four is listed-at least the same Harry, Ron and Hermione.

They should film the last three back to back, Lord of the Rings style, so the cast is still somewhat young in parts six and seven.

I read a brief blurt in our local paper where the man-child playing Potter said he was positive he’d be in Order of the Phoenix but that he might hang his hat for Half-Blood Prince & whatever glorious genius will follow it up…

checks jk site for book release date. Finds nothing. Frowns

It’s bad enough that Dumbledore had to be changed, but it’s be just wrong to have any of the core characters changed at this point.

Sorry, Daniel, you *are * Harry.


Are we going to be subjected to Spock like musings, ie, books by Radcliffe, “I am not Harry” and “I am Harry”?*

I truly hope that they all stay the course.

*I know those should be underlined; I’m lazy today.

Just so he doesn’t come out with a CD. I’m not sure the world needs to hear Daniel Radcliffe singing about Bilbo Baggins.

Yeah, she hasn’t even started writing it yet. I read a press release that said she will begin writing in January 2006. No word on a completion date though.

Even worse, they should be underlined because they’re hyperlinks to Amazon reviews. Bad form, young lady. :wink:

In my very humble opinion, it’s the sign that something has gone Too Far when an author can have a press release stating when she’s going to start writing a book…

I don’t see why they can’t keep the same cast around. They are what, 16 now? The movies come out every two years so they’ll be 22 or so when the last one comes out. There are plenty of people who play people younger then they are. Even if I didn’t like acting I would finish it out and take the money and run.

Everybody’s coming back for Order of the Phoenix which does indeed start filming in 2 months, for a release date of June 2007, according to IMDB.

I don’t have cites but I read dozens of interviews and articles leading up to GoF and saw several times where Radcliffe, Watson and Grint all said they want to stick around for the entire series. One bit in particular remains in my head. Emma Watson said it would hurt seeing someone else play Hermione. I’d imagine that the other 2 feel the same way. I firmly believe that they’ll all be there until the very end. I have no worries other than tragedy befalling one of them. Age is not a problem. As Edward said, they’ll only be in their early 20s when the last one is filmed. Them looking a little bit older than they should won’t be a fraction of an annoyance as the shock of seeing someone completely different in the roles. I don’t know why anyone is even giving age a second thought.

The only person I’ve even heard rumblings about being unhappy is Robbie Coltrane. I hope he continues to play Hagrid.
I agree with Baraqiyal, maybe they should/will film the last two books back-to-back. I haven’t heard a release date for Book #7 either, but I’d guess it could be Spring 2007. You’d have a repeat of this year, where the release of the book caused so much excitement and then a movie release rode that wave.

Book #6 was released in August 2005
Film #4 was released in November 2005
Film #5 begins shooting in February 2006
Film #5 to be released in June 2007

By that timing, Film #6 should start filming after the release of Film #5, maybe around September/October 2007. If Book #7 is released in the Spring of 2007, there should be enough time to write the script to start filming after Half-Blood Prince is finished filming.

Of course, it’s possible the book won’t be released until Fall or Winter of 2007. I can’t see a release in the Summer, when the movie is in theaters, but it’s possible. The movie could build the excitement for the book (as if it needed any) instead of the other way around the way it was this year.

I have no idea, I’m just musing. Funny, a scant few months ago I wouldn’t have cared a whit about any of this, and now I’m intensely interested!
I don’t believe that Rowling sent out a press release about starting the book in January. She wrote a note in the News section of her web site and the media picked up on that. If someone’s got a link to an actual, honest-to-goodness Press Release, I’d love to see it.

This is what she wrote:

All I really know is that the people who were sick of all the hoopla surrounding the release of Book #6 should probably plan a vacation in a cave starting a few weeks prior to release.

I never got sick of the hoopla because I hardly paid attention to it. Harry Potter was not part of my world (except for having seen and liked the movies, especially the 3rd one). I only started reading the first book the day “Half-Blood Prince” was released, and finished HBP a week and a half later. By that time I was fervently wishing I’d read the books earlier so I could have joined in the excitement leading up to that release. I’m not going to miss out on the hoopla this time!

AFAIK, Warrick Davis (Prof. Flitwick) and Alan Rickman (Prof. Snape) will be in Order of the Phoenix at least. I have some inside information (although I’m not 100% sure how reliable it is) that they are getting their filming schedules in January, 2006.

I haven’t heard anything else, although it will be interesting to see if they get David Thewlis (Lupin), Gary Oldman (Sirius) and Emma Thompson (Trelawny) back.

I think this is mighty optimistic. I think there is a period of several months to a year between when JKR finishes writing a book and when it goes on sale. There is artwork and layout, promotion, publication, distribution, hoopla, etc…

I hope I’m wrong, but I think it will be the big Christmas 2007 gift item.

Huh? :confused: I said the bit about the underlining because they are (hypothetical) book titles.

Are there books titled that on Amazon?

but I thank you sincerely for the “young lady”. :slight_smile:
I had forgotten Nemoy’s penchant for song, as well as his attraction to whale sounds (noises? mating calls? whatever). I just hope Radcliffe doesn’t go down that path…

Wow, checking the IMDB. What a brilliant idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured I might be talking out my ass. Since I hadn’t paid any attention to the other books I had no idea what the usual time frame was between finishing the book and midnight book sales. Can you or anyone else who’s followed her career give some time frames? I remember hearing entertainment news items that “JK Rowling has finally finished Book Six in the Harry Potter series” but they were like water off a duck’s back to me, in one ear and out the other, so I have no idea when that was in relation to when the book was actually released.

I’m glad I got in on this when I did. I’ll be devouring every little tidbit (about the book and the movies) with glee from now on.

Hey, maybe she’ll give Kloves an early copy so he can start working on the script, and they’ll still be able to film back-to-back. Wishful thinking.

I see from the second post that great minds think alike!

I knew you had mentioned the cast (the trio) based on what you saw on IMDB, but it occured to me to check to see if IMDB had a release date too. Almost. They had the month and year.

Simlarly, IMDB lists Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson as being “attached” to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, and Christian Coulson is rumored to be reprising his role as Tom Marvolo Riddle in the same.