For all my gay friends on the boards

John Stossel is a “Friend of Libertarians” by his views and might even be Libertarian, I don’t know.

Anyhow I hope you were able to see his “Give Me a Break” segment on 20/20 tonight. He really went to bat to hopefully help the understanding that being a homosexual is not about some weird brain issue or some odd “against God” thing but by the grace of God or whatever diety you might honor, you are who you are. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.

For that I want to applaud Stossel for his report and hope that his report brings to the main stream that homosexuality is not something you can repress but something that helps make you all the people you are.

While I am a “straight” person with some bi-sexual tendencies, I love the fact that many of you are open and have helped many of us have a better understanding of the gay and lesbian persons. I think it’s important for some of us to thank you for helping us understand more than what is usually discussed with regards to sexuality.

BTW, they will have another report next week about kids being raised by homosexual parents.

The crap I see when I’m sorting laundry…

Actually, it was a pretty good segment. Pretty good 20-20 all around, which is unusual. Stossel does get a little annoyingly Libertarian at times, but I can deal with it by throwing rolled-up socks at the TV.

Stossel had a GREAT segment tonight.
But he is the man who said America should repeal some health standards because we worry too much. (Back in the 80’s, through his specials).
Though, he might have changed, who knows.

But nonetheless, this was a GREAT segement. Bravo to Mr. Stossel.

Tech’ems, you just keep fulfilling all o’ my fantasies…

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Stossel’s report tonight. We need more light being shone on the lies being spread by bigots who sow hatred and fear while professing to speak for the “God of love”.

Bravo, Mr. Stossel. Bravo.

I don’t think the argument can be dismissed that easily. For example, when the FDA approved beta blockers, they had been in use safely in Europe for about ten years. During the delay, it is estimated that up to 100,000 lives may have been saved had they been on the market.

You can probably argue all day whether the net effect is a positive one, but it’s not exactly a safety vs. no safety argument. I like having someone in the media that agrees with me, and tries to make a case for things that might sound simplistic at first. Then again, I rarely watch network TV, so I haven’t seen all that much of his stuff.

And waterj my dear you are going off topic hun…this is about our gay friends on the SDMB…not about Stossel’s past reports, only tonights.

< worrying now >

I still dig ya hun.


I could fullfill more than just one fantasy I am sure!

Anyhow, I still love my SDMB gay people, they do rock and thank you Stossel for pointing out the obvious to those that can’t see past their bibles and want to deny the right of a free people to live a free life!

Well, I failed to see the segment, so I’ll just parrot everybody else here and say WooHoo! John Stossel you rock.

And techchick, let me just say rrowwwrrr…

Man, I tell ya, people… it takes a lot to make me blush… :slight_smile:

I was especially amused by the instructions on how “real” men cross their legs. Wife complains cuz that’s how I do it. “It’s so graceless and ugly!” Well, now I have an excuse.

Ooops… sorry for hijacking this. But if there’s one thing I won’t stand for, it’s to see John Stossel’s talent go unrecognized.

Well, gosh darn…

[li]We missed a Stossel segment[/li][li]I’ll have to figure out the difference in crossed men’s legs by myself[/li][li]Libertarians are annoying to dropzone[/li][/ul]

Any further comments probably belong on another thread.

  1. I prefer Arnold Diaz, although he’s not as, um, well, [sub]cute[/sub] as Stossel. If I noticed these things.

  2. Most everybody annoys me, so there’s nothing special about Libertarians. But they strike me as a lot of cheapskates.

  3. Real men pull their ankles across their other knee while crossing their legs. The calf remains horizontal.

Gay men (and women) drape their legs loosely so that the calf is nearly vertical. For women it is so that people can’t look up their skirts. For gay guys, well, I don’t know why. Maybe the gay gene causes double-jointedness, too. :wink:

I like Stossel a lot, especially his back pain article.

Anyhow - “some bi-sexual tendencies”? I guess it was just me, after all. No breakfast in bed, no long massages, no exotic trips, no gentle bathing for you - the S.S. Una[sup]1[/sup] has long since left the dock bound for the UK… :wink:

[sub]1 - In this case, the S.S. means “Softly Sexual”[/sub]

Link to a transcript, perhaps?



It’s not a transcipt but it’s as close to the report as can be:

Trying to Be Ex-Gay

Please note that (IIRC) Mr Paulk, who is listed in the article, is also of former Focus on the family fame who essentially was asked or so they say ( I brought this up a while ago with regards to my local paper), asked to or resigned to leave the organization. I live about 5 minutes from FOTF and can look for more information if you are interested.

Regardless, I am sickened by society’s need to place blame on something other than a human being a human. The God I know does not fault people for being gay, straight, bi or whatever, the only focus is if you are not trying to live your life in the best way you know how. If you live to harm or hurt your fellow humans, then it’s a problem but all other things are either forgiven or not looked upon as big enough issues to condem. They may be extraordinary with regards to the norm but they are what and how a person needs to live his her or her life. And for his report I think Stossel did a good thing, I just hope it opened up some eyes.

Oh and I need to think about sleep!

I do both, actually. Am I really bisexual? Or could it be that there is no relation whatsoever between the way one crosses ones legs, and whom one wants to screw?